How top earners leverage these high-income tools

Now we deep-dived into how high-income earners leverage a few of these high-income tools; either as a professional service provider or as a business owner selling just packaged air.

Upwork – the approval and proposal process

Just right before you tap into Upwork, you might want to know why pluging this professional freelance marketplace for business is smart The following steps show how to successfully register an Upwork account and make it pass the declined or the “unapproved” stage.

approval proposal process
  • You can register as a freelance worker or as a client.
  • When registering as a client hunting for skilled pro, you can get approved almost immediately as long as you passed a fraud or user verification stage. However, if you are signing up as an independent expert, select the “find work” or “work as a freelancer”. Though you could experience some form of challenges in getting approved.
multifunctional website dashboard UI/UX design
  • Add your user details and info. The most crucial ones not to skip include… While the ones you can ignore are your university or higher institutions certificate.
  • When done, click Submit… After submission, wait for 24 hours to get it reviewed. If it got rejected, adjust something about your technical experience.
  • After you’ve been approved, you can take advantage of Upwork by using it as a contract between you and a skill hunter through invitation means. You can also start applying for job proposals by using your available free 80 credit and finally, you can add up unique projects anyone can purchase when it instantly addresses an issue.

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MailChimp – The screening and blasting process

No doubt that the money is in the list, you just have to observe…

As a thriving business owner, you could just imagine what 200 opting email lists can do to your growth. It’s just amazing if you know how to leverage it.

But the catch here is how to successfully pull this stunt without being marked as a spammer. The bottleneck on email marketing is continuously being tightened than ever when you can easily blast email up to 200,000 Gmail or yahoo users and it will successfully land into their mailboxes.

Thankfully, this is what email marketing tools like Mailchimp and others are useful for when it comes to blasting your mail and making it visible.

Screening blasting mails

Now to get to take advantage of this platform,

  • You first undergo the screening process. This helps you help them trust you. And that trust will be passed on to all free mail clients that you pledge not to spam anyone whatsoever.
  • After being successfully screened and getting approved, you will need to add the email lists of users that have auto opted in for your email. You can as well integrate your mail with your website or CMS websites such as WordPress and Shopify. You can also take advantage of automatic integration with Facebook ads and google forms. If you don’t want to have a serious issue with your account getting banned, don’t buy an email list or add up emails that have not yet subscribed to your stuff.

Google trend – the tips and the process

Google trends allow you to know what is been searched for overtime. It shows what is consistently trending or what is the latest fab that will fade away any time soon, or what is seasonal.

1- If you are targeting a specific location of your audience do your research based on the location-based trends.

2- Work more on the related keyword of the word you are searching. That’s where your sub-niche will be discovered. And from there you can deduct if that is the lucrative business to invest your money on year in year out.

Shopify – account setup and the free 14 days sales challenge

Already made up your mind to take your ecom business to the next level? If yes, that’s a welcome development. Only that when you found out that this type of business model isn’t as easy as what successful “ecommers” made it look like…because… You realized the cost of hiring a web development firm to built your ecom store from the ground up will run into millions of dollars… You realized after doing some research, you found your industry is already saturated with shark-like competitors… After that, you come to realize that the maintenance of an ecommerce store can as well be on the high side…

Considering all the above boilerplate challenges that may seem to overwhelm you, now you could assume that’s the only way to get it right with an e-commerce business. That’s a completely wrong notion as far as advanced ecom solution is.

Here is how advanced ecom solutions has been steered to change the game

…and as at this moment ( in year 2022), this is so much effective.

  • When considering the cost involved in building your unique eCommerce platform with millions of dollar…why not take advantage of that already established platform that will allow you to build your custom ecom store and also equip you with all the advanced tools to grow for free within a 14 days period ( or even 28 days period by a trick).
  • Just when you found your industry niche already saturated… You will be surprised that there are currently unexplored sub-niches within your industry waiting to be taken advantage of. The key here is knowing what tools to leverage here…and one of them is Google trends.
  • Your budget for maintenance of your self-hosted e-commerce website can be high if it involves high traffic hits, employee size of 3 above, and other related factors which can proportionally increase as well. But with CMS e-commerce suits that take the burden of hosting and management centralization off your shoulder at a considerable subsidized rate is that fair for a startup your online business.

With that being looked into, we can to agree that Shopify is the top of the choice of ecom solution that was able to address the above issues so well.

Sales challenge

How to start and launch on your ecom business with Shopify step by step

Step 1
Register for a 14 days free trial

Step 2
Setup your details

Step 3
Create your pages

Step 4
Connect Google analytics and FB pixel

Step 5
Add vitals plugin

Step 6
Add products

Step 7
Market it.. Market it…and market it

Step 8
Add payment processors

Step 9
Add your shipping terms, return policy and privacy policy

Step 10
Implement your sales strategy

The above steps are just the basics needed to kick start your online journey. However, when it comes to the real breakthrough you will need to deploy a lot more than just your unique strategy to scale. I have now supplemented this with 14 days free challenge program you can work on.

… It’s free to join this program and download all the tools to help you navigate your way through in making your first sales and the next one ….and the next ones.


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