Telegram unbanned my account tricks

Telegram 2022

Telegram spam bot detection unit now enjoys profiling and restricting any user accounts instantly.

Before you find your account finds itself in the blacklist of Telegram, you might want to check out the reason that could cause you account to become unable to send message again to group or to start a conversation with anyone you have never interacted with before that restrictions hits you.

This is it. and it is because someone must have reported your account because you

  • Shared irrelevant message/post
  • Added someone not familiar to a group
  • Shared link
  • Started chatting with the wrong person

There are 2 ways to unban your telegram account…

1 – The Telegram way ….and you could wait forever

The steps to go through this process are as follows

  • In an instance that a error message appears that you can’t send a message
  • Or start a new chat with the support… By typing /start
  • Then follow the prompt messages with response code

2- By Telegram Loophole

You can exploit this means because that’s how Telegram is built to work…

First, we have to clearly understand that the purpose of using telegram is to communicate to a larger number of people without any hindrance whatsoever.

So after the experiencing the limitation placed on your number you registered with Telegram, there are few things you can still allowed to do.

The following activities you can still carry out while you account has been restricted are such as

  • You can still make calls.
  • Still join groups of interest.
  • Send message anyone sharing contact with you.
  • Create your group and add people to it.

Now to start with taking advantage of the above opportunities left…

1- In the case of messaging 1 user

If you found a person you need to reach; probably in the group you joined.

It’s understandable you can’t message him/her directly due to the block, but you can call them and develop a relation.

Inform them that you are also in the group, persuade them if they would like to join your group.

Guide them on how to join. (Mutually add each other’s contacts… Or he should visit your bio and click the invite link to join)

2 – In the case of messaging multiple users

Create a group that aligns and appeals to the interest of these users you want to message

…Or join groups of the same interest as you.

  • Call the admin group and have one on one personal interaction that will lead him/her to add your contact.  Doing this will enable you more access to chat group members he has their numbers.

Note that anyone you can add to your group or joined it through the invite link, you can as well message first.


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