What could really terrify me more as the idea of hunting for an apartment in Lagos?

Apartment approval plan red flag

Apartment approval plan red flag

My personal experience

Where all the extra fee to the house rent fee is in ratio 1:1 or 1:2 if you are looking for 1 bedroom to 2 bedroom flat.

That is, in another word, if a one-bedroom should go for #120,000 naira, you are expected to part with #100,000 naira for caution, agent, and agreement fee. Likewise, for a two-bedroom mini flat costing #250,000 naira, you will be expected to drop as much as #100,000 naira to #130,000 naira for the agent, caution, and agreement fee.

Where you may be cajoled to believe that a house is a “blessed house” when agents noticed your reluctance

Where I have happened to see live and direct unflushed excreta ( I am still imagining how this agent that took me there will be forgotten even though I have long forgiven him)

Where I spent almost 35k in moving “ear and dear”, from one agent to another just to finally get the one I can “manage” ( If your budget is low and your taste is a bit on the higher side, oga forget oo, you go waka taya ooo)

Where you can start to imagine if you’ve got a hearing problem because of the sudden change in the price of the apartment you’ve come to settle with ( The next day, just take your cash there, you will be in shock for the latest update)

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Where I happened to come across an apartment that one can just qualify as atan ( in Yoruba, that means home for trash)… Some places can really be hunted though.

Where a developer is imagining you as an investor for his uncompleted structure. ( here, they will be expecting you to make a down payment before it is completed in 3 months time without considering how urgent and how hooked you are)… If this is not liver what will call it…

Where it finally happened that at this junction I will have to borrow the wisdom of our elders… Gbo’ gbon nkan ti oju bari ko ni enu man so” not everything the eye sees that mouth speaketh on… Somethings just have to be sealed and locked forever till thy kingdom come.

and here is me thinking I still owe a good agent something even though the apartment I finally got wasn’t through him.


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