How valuable are trashes in Lagos now?

Are you indiscriminately throwing your money away? [that question seems confusing…understood!]… Alright, let rephrase that question… Now… Are you indiscriminately littering Lagos with waste?

You might still be wondering what’s the relationship between littering waste around has got to do with the amount of your money that must have gone through the drain.

Thankfully, we are here to help you break down the cost of every form of waste that is equivalent to the money you must have been disposing of every then and now.

Plastic waste recycling for cash

That bottle drink you’ve been consuming might have been up to thousand of bottles by now, which implies that if one bottle gives you 0.02% of 1 naira, you can do the maths and see for yourself how much you must have thrown away.

These forms of plastic waste also apply to broken plastics, nylon bags, gallons, plates, spoons, e.t.c… All these waste when you’ve stored them for just a month or two, you’d realize how few have been able to generate consistent cash from these.

Emphasis on plastic recycling has been on the rise recently. This has also prompted the adoption of several uses of plastics that are becoming more apparent and gaining more recognition than ever, one of the most intriguing ways plastic is now recycled is by molding it into brick. Yes! You can turn recycled plastics into bricks.

The current estimated rate of 1kg of plastic waste is N25 as at 2021

Earthly natural metals scrap recycling

Don’t get confused with rustic metals in your garage or the ones littered around your surrounding; thinking they are no longer attractive. No, they are much valuable because they can be very useful when recycled again.

So in this case, the condemned machines, tools, and metal sheets you don’t have any use for again are just the synonyms of scrap metals. And they can be turned into instant cash.

The current 2021 price rate of some metals are listed below in Nigeria

1kg of Copper scrap rate fee is NGN 2,400 , 1kg of iron scrap price is NGN 50. The rate of Aluminium scrap per kilogram is NGN 285.

Drained car and generator engine oil

The dark brownish viscous oil that is being drained out of engines and gears of automobile, motorcycles, and generators is very much reusable again when it is recycled.

This process of engine oil recycling is one of the means by which non eco-friendly automobiles can be made to become environmentally safe for our earth.

A 4ltr gallon of a used engine oil can fetch you nothing less than NGN 400.

Harvestable Dead Appliances

One thing most overlooked for sure is that appliances we assumed are dead are not completely dead. Some parts can be transferred into similar appliances that require it to work as a whole unit.

Recently, the harvesting of all kinds of appliances like dead smart phones, dead laptops, and plasma screens TVs before they get to be crushed for recycling is gaining more momentum.

Right now in a few centers in Lagos, a person having a computer gadget such as phones or laptops that does not work again or has got fed up with the old working ones as those can have them sold for a few bucks or swap them for newer ones at a lesser price.

The gains of recyclable dead batteries

As it is now, we can come to the conclusion that batteries have infinite energy. This is so because over the years, techniques and technology have been perfected to make it so convenient to bring dead batteries back to life.

The market in demand for dead batteries is already there. We are pretty much sure you’ve discarded quite a lot of batteries that should have been turned to cash when you drop them at a battery collection center.

The current market price value of 1kg of battery is NGN 140 at the moment.

Energies from wasted foods, fruits and fleshy back peels

Now, with advancements in pyrolysis, you can generate cooking gas from food waste instead of leaving it for nature to take its course.

After all, cooking gas is now the mainstream for heating and preparing foods. So, in this case, using the process of pyrolysis to convert food waste to cooking gas will save you the cost of having to buy home usable gas that its price has skyrocketed just recently.

This type of gas generated by decomposing food waste in tanks is an ideal and safe alternative to cooking gas.

From current market estimation, a 5kg of decomposed food waste can generate an equivalent of 3kg of gas. And when you compare the refill price of 1kg of official cooking gas, you’d come to the conclusion of what’s the best option to go for. Although, you only have to go through a one-time cost fee of procuring and setting up a pyrolysis system.

Also, you can convert the food you no longer eat again to organic foods for animals. And if you’re someone that cares a lot about the welfare of the less privileged, you can repackage it and distribute it to them.


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