Why 23% of conversion issue revolves around the tech applied

Before you castigate your ads space sellers, like Facebook and others for not helping you convert as much as you want on your website, you might need to revisit the technology and the overall techniques you implemented in your ads strategy.

Likewise, in most cases, people are forced to blame the ads copy, the creative, and even the copywriter for doing a mess of a job. But those factors are not the fault. Nevertheless, these following technologies could be the ones to get addressed as soon as possible.

Missing website retargeting code plugins

If your website isn’t putting anything in place to identify who the previous type of customers or visitors is like, what they checked out for, what action they took as the case of the product they added to cart, their persona, demography…, e.t.c then, you’re website is leaking here.

Without having a good grasp of the above data, your business will continue to be left in the dark of what needs improvements and what needs to be completely discarded. Being in this wilderness, you will have to spread your net wide and far, which means you will be spending more on customer acquisition when using paid adverts.

To ensure this issue got resolved, tracking codes like Facebook pixel, google analytics, etcetera were developed to cater to this. Knowing how to implement these codes and analyze the data they can retrieve for you will be a boost to how you plan your business goals and target the right audience for your niche.

High bounce rate arising from low website speed

What could be a nightmare as seeing potentially interested customers not being able to reach your website because your website is so slow or just down most times due to server overload.

Major factors that can make the website slow are

  • The size of the web page that will load when the visitor clicks on the advert link. There are now accelerated pages for that.
  • The robots accessing your site
  • Service denial attack on your website or the web hosting company.
  • Browsers flagging your websites as insecure
  • Plugins on your WordPress websites
  • The type of hosting package you are on. For instance, like self-hosting or shared hosting, e.t.c

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Fulfillment mechanism

Now, here is a catch. We could all agree that the success of vendors that sell bread will obviously be linked to the coordination of the team handling its operation.

Likewise, this high level of coordination is also needed on your website to sustain an awesome conversation rate.

As the case may be, for a website to get to a point where its mechanism is well coordinated to fulfill or handle tasks seamlessly, there is a need to integrate the following core system supports into its operations.

They are the automatically triggered response systems that ensure a task gets to be fulfilled with little or no intervention from humans. They are often identified as the task and storage management system for making it easy;

  1. for emails to be collected, segmented, batch replied to on autopilot.
  2. To make files & docs to be automatically downloaded
  3. To quickly get in touch and chat with the customer service rep right on the website.
  4. For robots to engage with a customer and fulfill a sales order.
  5. For validating users or form entry just as in the case of a ReCaptcha. In this case, you don’t want your data diluted with spam that will mostly never convert. This is one of the reasons you can equate them to human-like website assistance.

Third party Hosting your websites

They are a couple of web hosting companies that are so bad as NEPA taking charge of lighting your house or office.

You should really stay clear of them because you can be very much sure to get trapped into the following bad services they’re identified with

  • The server speed of these website hosting companies are low
  • Their backup is a bit outdated
  • No up to date security measure

Bad website theme

They are a couple of websites that wouldn’t just convert no matter what, not because they don’t have the right copies making a good impression, it’s just that they have the worst UX ( User eXperience); the developer might just have got it all wrong from the back end scripts, the HTML, div tags, cookies, CSS till that get to the UI ( User Interface).

These cumulative errors on the part of websites development will trigger a not-so-friendly behavior to a potential visitor. In a worst case scenario of badly designed website themes, they won’t be responsive or functioning at all when interested buyers access them.

Undermining website protocols and standard

Of all the ways to not make a website get to convert is to undercut the basic requirements of designing a website for a specific industry.

When a website designed for you isn’t par standard of what you offer, you are like going to fall into low or no conversion at all.

This can be explained better by relating it to an instance where an e-commerce site does not have a security lock and it needs to process a credit card payment, or from another instance whereby logistic website does not implement a tracking service on its website or we could also look into a scenario that a SaaS based providers does not integrate CRM into its website menu and functionality.

Heat mapping on websites

Heat mapping integration on a website isn’t a new thing to most large cooperate websites.

Nevertheless, a lot of websites without this feature struggle with scaling on their specific niche when it comes to converting to sales and email subscribers even though, heat mapping is very crucial at deciphering visitors’ decisions. This form of mouse movement sensor works in such a manner that intelligently captures the most concentrated mouse movement pattern of the screen while still browsing a website.

Data acquisition analysts tools

Website SEO and CRM tools are highly recommended to help with analysing countless number of website niche and their search engagement over the years.

These tools can be self-sustainable when created to be very effective on features of data acquisition, data processing, and information validation.

You can link these tools to your websites or make use of them regardless of your website getting connected to them. These tools are as well helpful when you need to gauge what problem your audience needs to be solved.

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Look back integration

Loopback integrations on websites are now much important when the goal of your ads is more about conversion.

The loopback tool that is found to be so amazing is the intelligent popup.

Though it’s quite effective when you pitch your popup well with the right audience. However, it requires a lot of wisdom in managing it in such a way it will not annoy your visitors.

Website projectors

It’s pretty cool to have a utility that helps to influence conversion in a unique way. And those tools can be termed website projectors.

This tools reads data from your database or scan to pick relevant info from other websites or resource files and present it in a unique way that wins the heart of a visitor. They are a smart of working wonders.

One of this prominent one is recent buyers social proof tool.

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