13 superior advantages of iPhone over android

iphone13 powerful innovation upgrades

iPhone depicts class, it provides that enabling atmosphere for “who is who” to identify themselves and connect easily. So far as it is being known that when people connect; contacts are exchanged, relationships of class are formed, and money crosses borders. That’s a plus on the superiority contest. The other 11 benefits that followed will change or align your perspective about iPhones.

Does iPhone 13 Feature that wow factor?

Though, you might wonder how it depicts class, in just a simple sentence… We have all witnessed how many “innovations” by Apple there are that are now being systematically cloned on most androids.  And as such cases may be, it is now safe to quote the “I lead, you follow” at the game we see here.

There is also this argument that iPhone “copies” most innovations and claims to be the innovator. This may be true, but it makes it sounds biased if you don’t care to highlight extra improvement and the “herds” mentality that becomes such copied innovations.

Now, let’s get you prepared for the most unexpected disappointment you are about to see if you’re anticipating that lame argument as android spec vs iPhone specifications comparison.

Comparing iPhone spec to android is old fashion

Unapologetically sorry to tell you that the long-held tradition of comparison will not work here. What this means by that is that the idea of correlating these two parallel types of phone brands based on product designs is completely ignored. That can be justified because it is invariably known that both brands can perform almost the same task as they’ve got almost the same hardware chipped into their designs so as to perform in the same way even when they are going to run on different Operating Systems (android versus OS) and as well adapt to unrelated legacy software.

Then, what should be the next thing? The next focal point of our comparison is that we are now left with another option, and that is to make our objective lens be more focused on what is more paramount and that needs more of our attention which is the worth, ROI, and extra layers of value one of them have over the other one.

This is bulletined in the contexts below as

The 12 other powers iPhone has over android

#2 It is easier to earn higher as an app developer for Apple’s app store than with apps developed for Android playstore.

#3 Several high-end apps are only restricted to iPhones. Most apps you can find on android can as well be found on the Apps store.

#4. FB almost went berserk when it dawn on it that iPhone users will not be tracked… And it had to make lots of critical modifications to the modus Operandi of Facebook’s user experience across all platforms. The need for taking this step so seriously is that when those high in the hierarchy of income can’t easily be monitored, this will simply translate to a real drop in revenue.

#5. People still pay more attention to the iphone than any type of smart…likewise apple brand has more recognition than most phone manufacturers. It isn’t a coincidence that it has become one of the most influential brands.

#6. A lot of OEMs dream of partnering or even selling off their tech to work with iPhones. Dr. Dre of Beats rings a bell.

#7. iPhone has more American users than any other user from any other continent. For A tier 1 country, that the United States falls under, it’s a huge deal for businesses and startups to make a good impression on the market.

#8. One of the major functionality iPhone has that still makes iPhone far more superior to other smartphones is its camera… The picture and video quality are very much relevant for the entertainment industry within the bracket of low to mid-range budget production.

#9. Literally, it still remains the only type of phone brand people have been reported to have sold their kidneys or organs just to have one of it on hand.

#10. Surprisingly, one of the most used phone brands for adverts by businesses to sell their products.

#11. The only type of phone brand that can get away with very annoying “cutout” innovation.

#12. iPhone still remained the only type of phone that has been well successful with one iconic button functionality on a phone screen. The look and feel of the iPhone 5 and the older iPhone version are still very much fresh in our memory.


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