Trails on achieving millions dollar goal

In reality, to achieve millions dollar goal, you have to make it a daily routine.

What resources do you need to furnish for this mission can start with a Snap…and Tada…there you go with:

The Million Dollar Daily Routine (MDDR).

How will this be helpful?

It’s now easy to model your million dollar goal based on 14 logical and helpful hints encoded on a clothing wears and variety of merchandise.

It’s a breakdown map to help chat your goals.

Let’s just say from experience, what you can constantly picture will as well motivate you. That’s the aim and objective of coming up with this idea.

You can reason it as the first ever NFT fashion wears you can derive realistic value from.

It constantly reminds you what to do in a day, to work on, what to give priority

Can you kinda explain the color coding on the MDDR merchandise?

The 14 model goals are sub divided into 4 colored blocks. The priority of working on your goal starts from left to right.

Having great ideas doesn’t just stop there, you need to actively pin down the tools and resources that will help you execute them. Coincidentally, this is exactly what Lagosprice enterprise solution is established for.

Notwithstanding, having a million-dollar dream idea you need to work on to achieve your goals isn’t that a simple task. However, when embarking on such a journey, the following will be a very valuable companion.

Stress absorbers

Trust me, you’re gonna be really stressed out on working your million dollar goal. One of those squashy balls and fidgets can come handy to help relieve you of stress.

Mind workers

First, achieving a goal should be seen as embarking on a battle that must be won by all means possible. And winning a war requires that you build your mind.

Secondly, getting to learn and play strategy games like chessboard games will assist you to become tactical and as well be able to come up with strategy that will aid you in improve your decision making skills.

Move with the smart trackers

You can be a step ahead of the game by leveraging smart trackers. Things you can effective track include you work-life balance, appointment schedule and health.

Workflow organiser

Putting things in the proper perspective really starts from how your work bench or office desk is organized.

Being organised with things around instill a discipline that gets you to be more focused.

Tapping of the force

You’ve got to engineer the energy boost that will keep you going no matter what. The resources you need to run it are deep down within you. And most importantly, they are the things you can control to achieve your goals.

They include your motivators, inner thought process, discipline and commitment.

Interestingly, the first ever NFT fashion wears you can derive realistic value from factored them all. Hope this will help fuel your burning desire to achieve your million dollars dream.


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