Major events of impact in Lagos for mid-year July 2023

July comes loaded with stock in trade tips we discovered you can work with as regards the best alternatives to foreign used cars, energy for household use, accommodation space, financial freedom and wealth creation right in Lagos. And here we go with them

( First )

Custom updates car import duty fee by 39.62% and the alternatives to switch onto

Owners that will now clear their cars through Nigeria Port Authority at Apapa Tincan, Lagos will have to spend more to Customs clearance.

Also, the market report has verified that many car dealers have adjusted and increased the price of cars in reaction to the increase in import duty fees.

Along the line, we shouldn’t forget that the removal of subsidy on refined crude oil for Nigerians is also being felt in the economy currently. And this makes it challenging for many to own or manage a car and as well run a household generator with PMS.

However, we trust Nigerians to come up with a solution. Few are now effectively embarking on using Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) as an alternative to power their generators and cars. All thanks to LPG carburettors and with a couple of technical changes, you can easily transition your petrol-powered engines into gas-powered ones. The major reason these users now find solace in using LPG / gas to run their generators is that LPG is now very much cheaper than petrol and diesel.

It is also equally important to note that the Federal Government of Nigeria has sealed a major deal with a private company as regards the effective distribution of LPG.

Likewise, many car dealers continue to fume against low patronage after the car increase was effected. Their major complaint was that buyers are going for the alternative Nigeria used cars. So, would you also opt for Naija Used Cars or would you rather opt to import your car? Kindly, Let’s hear from you.

Also kindly take note that we have the best plug for Foreign used Cars if you’d like to import your cars to any state within Nigeria or if you’d like to get good Naija used cars in good working conditions through us. Send us a message on our WhatsApp or call: 08039756249

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( Second )

StatiSense shows Lagos has the highest investment in 2023, and what this means for potential investors

A report coming from StatiSense on Monday dated 10 July, 2023 indicates Lagos as the No.1 investment destination in Nigeria. It is the major state that attracted 62.2% of the total $1.132B capital importation reported for Q1 2023.

With Lagos having the biggest refinery in Africa and other major companies, smart investors can make informed decisions as to why they should key into Lagos’s growing economy. What this also means for investors is that they have more leverage to invest in the state because it indicates there is a security of life and properties and equally shows an upward trend in the state of the economy while taking into consideration major landmarks now at their doorstep. Also, something to take note of is major infrastructural development going on in the transport sector which is more obvious with rail systems being launched around the city metropolis.

( Third )

Treva City pre-launch makes estate property accessible to all

Grand Duke has few slots left to go with its amazing Treva estate at a pre-launch price.

According to the developer, it is an eco-friendly residential estate that provides the best of nature. It is a luxurious and exclusive living environment which offers a lifestyle of unparalleled elegance, comfort and sophistication.

The estate is Located in the developing and highly desired Igbonla-Epe, Lagos. Its core features are perimeter fencing, good drainage and green areas

Currently, subscribers can get 1 extra when they opt for 5 Plots at Treva City. This means you walk away with 6 plots! (more than half an acre). For just:

– 300sqm: N2,000,000 (30 Days)
– 500sqm: N3,000,000 (30 Days)

All-inclusive of the property cost and development levies. The title is registered survey and deed of assignment.

-Lagos Food Logistic Park
-Epe Resort
-Proposed International Airport
-St Augustine Epe
-Craneburg Construction Company

( Fouth )

Popular Thai style edifice causes stare, LagosPrice wades in on its price tag

After a Twitter user known by the name Abraham MacHILLS claimed he could construct a popular Thai Style building for 5M provided the owner has land to build it on, there came a lot of drama and dragging.

While a couple of experts in the construction industry have divergent views, thought it right to bring some form of clarity on the true picture of constructing an apartment as such in Lagos…here is the holistic report after the feasibility study of the project.

( Fifth )

A major estate of international repute reopens sales

Yes! Lagosprice got briefed about Urban Prime 3 Phase 2 which welcomes everyone to living unhindered. An abode primed to provide you with fresh air of freedom and a tranquil atmosphere. Perfect for those who love beauty and style chronicled in timeless dimensions. The Urban Prime is themed on the success of Urban Prime 1, 2 and 4 which are sold out or rather closed for sales as communicated by Landwey.

Sales reopened and interested buyers still have the grace period to get 5% OFF till July 31st.

2023 land appreciation trend for prime properties in Lagos state

Here is the appreciation trend of Urban Prime.

(in Naira)
2019: 29M
2021: 50M
2023: 75M
2025: 110M
2027: 185M

Title: Certificate of Occupancy
Location: Abraham Adesanya, Off Ogombo Road.

Neighbourhood Landmarks:
Lekki Scheme 2, Lagos State Child & Maternity Ward, Abraham Adesanjya Estate, Chaplain Court, Lagos Business School (LBS) Atican Beach, Barracuda Beach, Lekki Miami Beach, ResortMX film and Multimedia Academy, Novare Mall, Lufasi Nature Park, Urban Prime 1, Urban Prime 2 and 4


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