What’s the Actual Cost of the Latest Thai Style Trending Home in Lagos?

After much talk about the capital cost required to replicate the popular Thai-styled homes in Lagos, Nigeria, we arrived at this conclusion.

And here is our take when going by considerations of the…

4 factors influencing the cost of an apartment in Lagos or any location

1. Labour force — its effect on construction as labour isn’t cheap!

In short, every rate fee has to adjust to the economic reality of Lagos. Taking cognizance of the services of professionals like architects, Engineering, surveyors, and advocates that would be employed, you can’t compare their rate fee with other states in Nigeria. Now coming to technicians, artisans and contractors… Their labour fee will equally be high. Then, when we move to unskilled labourers, their hourly wages are higher. Also note that, even within Lagos, there are places labour is more costly than others.

2. Inflation impact:

Inflation hits harder in Lagos than in other states. So, in this regard. Prices of building materials won’t be cheaper than what is obtainable in other states. Even while most goods are shipped into Lagos first and transported to various destinations where they will be used.

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3. Energy dynamics — and power play in upstream and downstream sectors

Taking cognizance of this, you’d realise that energy takes its part of share in your construction expenditures. Generator and use of fueling are something to factor in as well if you want the project delivered at the estimated time and this isn’t cheap as well. The subsidy removal is not even helping the matter here. And besides, the PHCN and electric distribution company take delight at billing you on estimated billing structure, and that of Lagos residencies is on a different high level… So in this case, every service that relies on them to deliver will expectedly be high

4. Location fee charge

This depends solely on the government. This relates to the registry, property documentation, tax and other billings. Which obviously isn’t at par the same rate as other states.

In conclusion, the spirit of billing is alive and very much active here in Lagos. No capping

So, building a home for 5M of that standard in a metropolitan city in Lagos isn’t realistic while taking cognizance of what respected developers have posited. Except you are looking into having a minimalist or a modest home which is more realistic here.

Now considering all the above, you will start to take into consideration why properties will keep appreciating more over time in Lagos.

Okay, Now digressing from the social media drama, let’s dive into realistic apartments that you can get your hands on…and here we have

The Top 5 Apartments for 2023 you can own in Lagos and Why they are.

1. Oke-Aro of Dukia Africa

Oke Aro Bungalow is situated at the heart of Dukia Africa Resort. A resort that prides itself as Africa’s Biggest Resort Estate. Oke-Aro is entirely another exquisite entity within the framework of DUKIA ARICA which is a beautiful and luxurious real estate ecosystem that mixes nature, functional living and entertainment. It also entails services and a business district in symbolic grandeur.

Location:Sala, Molajoye Town, Epe Lagos.
Title: C of O

1Bedroom Oke Aro Bungalow is selling for 12M

This Estate is offering
– Perimeter fence
– Good drainage system
– Waste disposal facilities
– Swimming Pool and Gym
– Dedicated Transformers and Central Generator
– Water Hydrant 
– CCTV Cameras
– Recreational facility.
– Car parks
-Eco Friendly environment

Neighbourhood of Oke-Aro (Dukia Africa):

-Alaro City
-Augustine University
-Isimi Lagos
-Epe Resort and Spa
-Ontario Shopping Mall

2. Chevy Castle Apartments

Chevy Castle Apartment is an Ultra modern home Crafted by brilliant architectural minds…A Signature of Affordable Luxury.

Location: Chevron drive, Chevron Lekki
Title:Governor’s Consent

House Unit Selling in Lekki Lagos are

Chevy Castle currently consist of three categories of Apartments not sold out yet;

1 Bedroom Apartment -#48,000,000
2 Bedroom Apartment -#65,000,000
3 Bedroom Apartment -#80,000,000

Infrastructure features
– Perimeter fencing.
-24 Hours security surveillance
-Security network & patrol
 -24 hours power Modern Home automation
-Elevator swimming pool
-High speed internet access
-Access card

Neighborhood of Chevy Castle Apartment:
– Pelican Hotel
-Chevron Mall
-Chevron Plc Ltd
-UBA Bank
-Chevy View Estate
-Lekki Conservation Centre
-Oral Estate
-Bera Estate
-Glowfield International School
-Atlantic Center

3. Terra Garden

Terra Garden is a home to share precious moments with family, and friends in a serene closely knit community surrounded by nature.

Terra Garden Apartments is Available in
3 bedroom terrace duplex —> 70M
4 bedroom semi detached duplex —> 85M

Title: C of O
50% down payment to own a unit of this @ Lagos

Location: Monastery Road, Sangotedo, Lagos. 5 minutes drive away from the famous Novare Mall.

Payment plan: 12 months
(Only few units left)

4. De Castle Max

DE CASTLE MAX is a Beach view estate situated at one of the most fascinating and beautiful heart of Lekki. It is a beautifully crafted duplexes, and terraces for an affordable luxury Empire designed mainly for kings and queens who value magnificent homes.

The Estate features 24/7 security system, Dedicated Transformer and Generator, Swimming pool and Gym, Interlocked roads, CCTV Cameras and an overwhelming aura of comfort. – Good drainage system, Waste disposal facilities, Dedicated Transformers and Central Generator, Water Hydrant, Recreational facility.

The Title is Governor’s Consent and Located at Orchid road, Lafiaji, directly opposite Cooplag Gardens Estate, Lekki Lagos.

House Selling
Outright Payment (0-2months)

4 Bedroom Terraces Castle Duplex + BQ
Initial Deposit :#40,000,000

4 Bedroom Semi-Detached Castle Duplex + BQ
Initial Deposit:- #40,000,000

4 Bedroom Fully-Detached Castle Duplex + BQ
Initial Deposit:- #40,000,000

Neighbourhood of De Castle Max :
-Ocean Bay Estate,
-Chevron Corporative Estate
-Lekki conservation Centre
-Lekki Miami Beach
-Orchid Hotel
-Victoria crest Estate
-Mega 1 shopping mall & Cinema
-Lake View Estate

5. Lekki Pride II

Lekki Pride Phase II offers Duplexes tailored to meet your highest standards, with excellently designed luxury homes, that brings comfort, luxury and appreciation overtime. It’s a feeling of safety with unique blend of comfort, affordability, and luxury. It’s strategically built to solve the  needs of Nigerians while meeting world-class standards.

Lekki Pride Estate II shares proximity with;
• Ajiwe Police Station,
• Agofure Motor Park,
• Abraham Adesanya Roundabout
• Eti Osa Maternal Centre

Title is Governor’s Consent
Location: Ogombo Road by Abraham Adesanya Roundabout, Lekki-Epe Expressway.


2 Bedroom Terrace Duplex + BQ – N62,000,000

3 Bedroom Semi Detached Duplex + BQ – N69,5000,000

3 Bedroom Terrace Duplex + BQ – N66,000,000

4 Bedroom Semi Detached Duplex + BQ – N80,000,000

Estate Features
• Electric Fencing
• Security Gatehouse
• Management Office Building
• Cinema House
• Recreational Centre
• Solar Powered Streetlights
• CCTV Surveillance Cameras
• Estate Gym
• Smart Home Features and so much more!

About to get involved with any real estate projects?

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