Where to get low-price properties that will appreciate more in 2-3 years from Now in Nigeria

The criteria to look at all properties appreciation from time to time would always be viewed from a different perspective of the lens, and most especially when the location you’re asking about has little data or the total absence of it you can extrapolate from in the given circumstances. But here I will talk about the specific location which I believe I have humbly gained significant experience from and I believe may be used as a template or parameter for other locations you may want to compare within Nigeria.

Lagos state low-cost housing scheme
Lagos state low-cost housing scheme

Now let’s pick it from the real estate price direction in Lagos

Properties in Victoria Island and some parts of Lagos Mainland can go for as low as 150M, reason because it is a developed location…
The section of these Lagos Mainland encompasses Ikeja, Agege and Surelere.

Next to examine is Lekki. It will be interesting to know that properties at this location can go for as low as 120M because they are in the developed locations within Lekki. In this sense, we also have properties that can go for as low as 10M because they are within the proximity of a newly developing location in Lekki.

Shifting down to Epe, we also have properties that can go for as low as 15M because they are in developed locations within Epe. Likewise, some properties can go for as low as 1M because they are within the proximity of newly developing locations in Epe. Which in most cases, this is a location where you can get affordable apartments in lagos

Landlords’ guide to owning Land properties in Epe, Lagos

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In conclusion, Lagos mainland and some parts of the Island are highly developed. Properties are selling high because no “undeveloped” properties to buy. Property appreciation is at its peak which means property appreciation will be minimal from time to time.

Lekki and Epe have some areas that are well-developed which means properties are selling at moderately higher prices because of the presence of more “undeveloped” properties.

Now, the interesting key point to note is…Epe and Lekki are massively witnessing a new form of an industrial revolution, economical fortune, infrastructural development,  and topography advantageous status that will make it highly smart for investors and future landlords to buy into this now because properties will appreciate higher than you would imagine where millionaires and billionaire are already diversifying their investment into. in these case, they can qualify as prime locations as far as real estate investment is concerned.

Talking of these prime locations and…

…What features do these prime locations in Lagos have in common that are not readily accessible to the other 36 states in Nigeria?

For the start, prime locations are those districts that have high presence of development, very competitive in demand, Legit title, safe future investment, appreciating sharply in price, and are suitable for land banking, residential and commercial purpose

Apartments or building sited at this locations are very accommodating to working class, tourists, enthusiasts, urban family living, and commercial activity.

So the possibility of making decent returns off your rental units is very assured.

Now speaking on a general terms of…

The features these prime locations have in common

We can always look out for them in these prime locations by having as many as possible of them from the following lists mentioned below.

They include trains, interconnected bridges, seaports, airports (local and international), economical powerhouse, natural endowments for resort and tourism, increased urban migration, literacy level and social orderliness, etc

About to get involved with any real estate projects?

First, always have in mind that location will often matter. In Nigeria for instance, Lagos and Abuja have always been highly competitive. Your next step is to engage a real estate consultant as good as Boiphin Projects (as seen on WhatsApp Business). Boiphin Projects has always been at the forefront of bringing modern cities closer to homeowners, the working class, tourists, foreign investors and diaspora communities across the globe.


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