How realistic is smartphone swap in Nigeria? (My experience on Tecno Pop with 3C Hub)

3C Hub may be bad or good! But you need to read this out before you can now decide where you can position them between the good and the bad. So before we get to its 7 days return clause on Tecno pop 5 go I recently bought from this Nigeria smartphone dealership store, we need to first get the picture of what 3C Hub is all about. Ok, here we go…

Unboxing of recently reviewed Tecno pop 2023
Unboxing of recently reviewed Tecno pop

Short brief about 3C Hub

3C Hub is a superstore that has got a lot of branches across Lagos. It is one of the major phone and gadget retail stores in Nigeria just like Slot Electronics and Megatronics.

This company operates by providing the structures for various phone suppliers and dealers to display their stands or booths. And they manage the phones sales for them as well.

3C Hub sells their phone cheaper as compared to other big phone outlets. The difference is not much though (let’s just say like NGN1000 or 500 Naira ). They also run discounts on a few occasions.

What happened between me and 3C Hub

I often get my new phones from them just the way I get them from others like them. So, here is what I can pretty much relate to them. Also read: 13 superior ways iPhone comes first before Android

And my grouse with them starts from their 7 days return clause for me.

You’re a bit surprised too, so I am as well surprised when one of my sisters wasn’t satisfied with the phone I got for her because she trusts my judgment on getting good phones (I do that a lot). So when I and my sister got there to propose a swap deal to upgrade the phone that has a 4G network feature, the manager we met called our attention to it that if after 7 days we didn’t return the phone, they will need to appraise the phone. and in our case, it was like 12 days after we got the phone.

Eventually, when they finally appraised the phone (Tecno Pop 5 go) we got at NGN 35,200 it became NGN 20,000 ( a very shocking difference of NGN 15,200).

3C hub receipt for tecno android smart phone

I instantly became one of the resistance that I should be in cases like this by throwing a question of a 1-year warranty to the manager as a challenge. Sadly, we lost the case of swapping the phone because it does not make any economic sense to swap a new phone you just bought with the same retailer at a 45% loss.

If you may be wondering if slot accepts phone returns as well. It also does not accept returns of phones sold in good condition. However, they sell Tecno phones at the same price as with the 3C hub or less at times.

Slot system’s return policy

By the way, if you’re considering outlets you can get affordable phones at discount rates, then online stores like Jumia do offer phones at a very competitive price due to the number of retailers selling phones on its platform.

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