Quick one on how visual impressionism aids business growth

Permit me to reveal a big business secret to you. And this secrete is on how “businesses thrive on the trunk of attention”. So, If you’re not factoring and getting that right on your business strategy, you’re missing out big time.

Alright, let’s deep dive into how adopting visual means of communicating your brand has always helped to turn enterprises around and where to start from. Here are couple of areas you can focus on.

Business identification

The first rule of establishing a successful business is that “thy must be recognised and easily differentiated”. For an enterprise really considering the fact that almost 99% of active sales are based on our eyes’ decision, there shouldn’t be laxity on its core means of identification.

Business identification is often achieved with logo, mascot and colour as far as we are on the visual communication spectrum. Also read: 9 ultimate reasons you should consider branding

Overall business outlook

What kind of impression would you want to give your audience about your business? Should it be that you’d want to speak to the locals or you’d like to resonate with gen z or you just want to be seen as cooperate brand with a multinational presence…?

Irrespective of what your goals may be, you should look inward to re-evaluate and create your unique branded graphic assets that can be used on a website and promotional materials.

The stylistic approach you adopt to present your images, icons, themes, animations is what your business outlook entails and that always speaks volumes for enterprises going in that direction.

Product appearance and identification

Most times, business outlooks are confused for product appearance. This may be intentional by the brand objective or just due to the gap in the brand’s visual communication.

To explain better how these visual factors differ — product identification has more to do with the overall look and feel of the product to a consumer (most of it is all about aesthetic labelling and package cosmetics) while the business outlook of the brand is the impression an audience will have about the brand after having contact with it.

Ideally, it is important that brand owners should be well informed and be able to ascertain what their business identity is and what their product identity is so as to easily measure if it’s best that there should be convolution between these two factors or not.

Best visual communications strategies that work magic on brands

Product illustration

When having to rely on an alternative that best conveys what your product does, it is best you adopt graphics or animation to describe it.

Of recent, an Italian comedian has become a sensation and a social proof of how to explain how a product can be used without having to say a word (And everyone can pretty much understand without having to make use of any language interpreter or any sign language decoder).

Product illustration often comes as the product presentation you printed out as a brochure.

Brand outreach

A plain flyer can’t do nada. Alternatively, you can achieve a better result with colourful designs as compared to monochromatic ones.

A very successful brand outreach requires a very sophisticated marketing campaign. The inculcating of graphics on marketing platforms or materials to increase your visibility usually have a great impact on advisement goals.

In visual terms, brand outreach may also be in the form of pictures used for promotional advertising on SM or handy flyer distributed from one hand to another hand.

Product formulation

Trust you’re contemplating on bringing a new form of product to the table. That’s great to hear!

In that case, the design sketches and graphical design rendering of the products will help complete the equation of starting and completing the production of the product.

Legal protection

Innovative ideas need to be protected so you can eat the fruit of your labour.

So, when this comes to physical products designs or abstract ideas that need to be trademarked or protected from copy theft, you will definitely need experts that will help you draft a design for applying for patents.

Visual sales psychology

It is a no-brainer that a very efficient copywriting sales funnel equally requires highly captivating attention points. Also read: why 23% of online conversion issues are due to the technology you apply

You can’t achieve much with just mere emotional words you could have bolded or italicised or underlined.

You need a whole lot of experience in the craft of applying colours, fonts, shapes, and styles in such a way to convert customers to buyers. This is where visual sales psychology gets complimented.


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