Don’t buy a used Mikano or any used generator

used generator set lifetime assessment

Without doing these follow-ups! Don’t even imagine buying a used Mikano or any used generator…This piece of advice is something to keep at the back of the mind so you don’t keep repeating the same mistake.


Before we address how you can avoid ending up with a bad generator, you might want to know why it’s really not advisable to go for a used generator, either the locally used ones or the imported used ones.

Generally, it often turns out to be a bad experience to go for a used generator…

Based on these factor:

#1 Risky chances to take

It’s like a gamble. Chances are that you could be lucky to get a better gen set or you could fall with the bad ones, which is mostly the case.

#2 No Assurance or Insurance Cover

Generally, every generator has a lifetime that they will begin not to work well or even knockout completely: it is very important to know that there is definitely no known technician that can accurately measure the lifetime left.

#3 Not worth the budget to invest on its repair

Most used generators are not just worth repairing because of their expensive parts and you can’t be sure of what part will get damaged after a part is being replaced. Likewise, due to the unavailability of most generators’ original parts in the aftermarket, it makes it not advisable to go for used generators.

#4 Reoccurrence of fixed problems

These obvious issues will likely resurface when it’s fixed from time to time. High consumption of engine oil, leaking engine oil, high consumption of fuel, deep black smoke when in operation, controls getting faulty again and again. Electrical unit failures, and inability to start smoothly without getting stressed out from time to time.

Steps to take if you insist on getting a used generator

You’ve already made up your mind to go ahead with taking chances with used generators… Maybe due to the overhead cost of a new one or any other reasons best known to you, then, we implore you to follow up with the following approach step by step.

Establish that it’s a Nigerian used or a Tokunbo generator

Where you are buying the generators from (Nigeria used/ foreign used). If you’re getting an imported generator, chances are higher that you’re buying a generator that is in excellent condition. This can be so because often time, in most foreign developed countries, the government provide stable energy for the residents and those citizens imbibe good maintenance culture. Hence, this suggests less use of the generators and also indicates it was well-taken care of by the previous owner.

Conversely, this can’t be said of used Nigeria generators you are anticipating to get within her jurisdictions. This is unfortunately not so because of poor maintenance culture and generator overuse due to epileptic power supply Nigerians have continued to endure with successive maladministration of her government.

Check meter for runtime

High capacity generators for optimum power supply like Mikano, Jubaili Bros (JB), Perkins etc. do have runtime records. But it’s not advisable to solely rely on that because it can be tweaked before these used ones ever get to be put for sale.

Assess used generators for available half parts

Take note of the generator brands with the best half parts or half engines in the market. You might want to get the latest prices of new half engines or half parts of generators. Download the updated price of half engines by brand.

Factor the budget on likely component damage

You should factor in and budget the price of used generator components that could be changed when it gets damaged.

Consider the generator brands with easiest to get parts

What parts of the generator brand can you can easily get in the market is crucial in deciding what type of used generator to go for.

Checkout for obvious and subtle faults

Major faults such as deep heavy smoke from the exhaust, engine oil leakages, and high pitch sound without the absence of gasket should be checked for.

Likewise, the sighting of minor signs such as crack patterns on engine blocks should be a red alert.

If any of these are noticed, it should a reason for you to bid down the price so as to cover for possible repair cost or the price of half part replacement.

Consideration for shopping for new generators

There are quite a number of reliable stores in Nigeria where you can order any brand of new Generators at affordable rates. The popular online shops that these new brands of generators are available on Jumia and Konga.

Nevertheless, these are the factors to consider generally when shopping for a quality generator:

  • The warranty is assured: Ensure it has a warranty before placing your order
  • The power output capacity: take note of your home wattage need when all your home appliances will be in use. It gives you a mental picture of the kilowatt unit of generator power that will suit you best.
  • Portability: the space you have to house your power generator. And how you can easily move it should need arises.
  • The startup mechanism: The way the newer generation of power generators starts now are pretty way cool than older ones. For instance, they are newer generators that can be started and stopped while getting cosy on your bed remotely.
  • Fuel type: will it run on petrol or diesel? These are the major alternative to powering generators.

  • Availability of OEM spare parts: Original spare parts of new generators may be scarce to find in the market if the generator is a new model. Also when a new brand of generator manufacturers just entered the market, their focus is not to have issues with repairs. But their main concern is to sell more quality generator which often results in scarcity of generator spare parts.

  • Maintainability: How easy is it to maintain? The cost of maintaining it should be factored in when evaluating alternatives. Higher capacity generators tend to be more expensive to maintain and repair in cases of breakdown.

New best power generator pricelist by brands types

Price list of Thermocool Generators in Nigeria

Thermocool prices range from N52,000 to N590,000. See the current prices of Thermocool generators in Nigeria by power output.

  • 1 KVA Thermocool (smallie) ranges from N52,000 to N75,000
  • 1.25 KVA Thermocool (junior) ranges from N72,000 to N95,000
  • 2.0 KVA Thermocool (bobo manual) ranges from N88,000 to N120,000
  • 2.2 KVA Thermocool (captain) ranges from N115,000 to N145,000
  • 2.5 KVA Thermocool (bobo max) ranges from N120, 000 to N180,000
  • 3.0 KVA Thermocool (hustler) ranges from N140,000 to N190,000
  • 3.5 KVA Thermocool (Hustler max) ranges from N150,000 to N200,000
  • 4.0 KVA Thermocool (big boy) ranges from N231,000 to N320,00
  • 4.1 KVA Thermocool (Hustler 3800ES) ranges from N150,000 to N210,000
  • 5.0 KVA Thermocool (oga) ranges from N295,000 to N385,000
  • 6.0 KVA Thermocool (igwe) ranges from N285,000 to N410,000
  • 6.25 KVA Thermocool (optima 7500 remote) ranges from N345,000 to N455,000
  • 6.75 KVA Thermocool (odogwu max) ranges from N450, 000 to N550,000
  • 7.5 KVA Thermocool ranges from N380,000 to N520,000
  • 8.5 KVA Thermocool ranges from N495,000 to N590,000

Compare genrerator prices from different sellers on Jumia

Price list of Honda Generators in Nigeria

Honda prices range from N165,000 to N1,900,000. See the current prices of Honda generators in Nigeria by power output.

  • EP2500CX Honda 2.0 KVA ranges from N165,000 to N250,000
  • EZ3000CX Honda 2.3 KVA ranges from N460, 000 to N555,000
  • FA3000P Honda 2.5 KVA ranges from N350,000 to N500,000
  • EG6500 Honda 5.5 KVA ranges from N590,000 to N880,000
  • FA6500X Honda 5.5 KVA ranges from N405,000 to N650,000
  • EM1000 Honda 8.0 KVA ranges from N1,600,000 to N1,900,000

Price list of Mikano Power Generators in Nigeria

Mikano generator prices range from N1,900,000 to N20,400,000. See the current prices of Mikano generators in Nigeria by power output.

  • 9KVA Mikano is between N1,900,000 to N2,900,000
  • 10KVA Mikano is between N2,600,000 to N3,000,000
  • 13KVA Mikano is between N2,400,000 to N2,950,000
  • 30KVA Mikano is between N6,000,000 to N8,000,000
  • 40KVA Mikano is between N7,500,000 to N9,500,000
  • 50KVA Mikano is between N7,200,000 Naira to N10,000,000
  • 60KVA Mikano is between N8,500,000 Naira to N11,270,000
  • 80KVA Mikano is between N12,000,000 to N15,150,000
  • 100KVA Mikano is between N16,000,000 to N20,400,000

Price list of Perkins Power Generators in Nigeria

Perkins offers different specs, sizes, and features of generators at affordable prices. Its generator prices range from N1,970,000 to N35,700 ,000. See the current prices of Perkins generators in Nigeria by power output.

  • 10KVA Perkins ranges from N1,970,000 to N2,950,000
  • 15KVA Perkins ranges from N2,295,000 to N4,550,000
  • 20KVA Perkins ranges from N2,300,000 to N3,050,000
  • 25KVA Perkins ranges from N2,500,000 to N4,400,000
  • 30KVA Perkins ranges from N2,500,000 to N4,550,000
  • 40KVA Perkins ranges from N3,500,000 to N5,000,000
  • 50KVA Perkins ranges from N 3,000,000 to N6,350,000
  • 60KVA Perkins ranges from N3,800,000 to N6,500,000
  • 80KVA Perkins ranges from N 3,000,000 to N7,300,000
  • 100KVA Perkins ranges from N4,000,000 to N8,000,000
  • 150KVA Perkins ranges from N5,500,000 to N9,500,000
  • 200KVA Perkins ranges from N7,600,000 to N20,500,000
  • 250KVA Perkins ranges from N8,800,000 to N30,650,000
  • 300KVA Perkins ranges from N11,000,000 to N22,650,000
  • 500KVA Perkins ranges from N25,000,000 to N32,650,000
  • 600KVA Perkins ranges from N23,500,000 to N35,650,000
  • 800KVA Perkins ranges from N30,500,000 to N35,700 ,000

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