Best ways to refresh for 2023 in Nigeria (updated list)

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As the 2023 elections just got concluded in Nigeria, the successor to Muhammadu Buhari has been determined by INEC after a long electioneering battle amongst these top 4 contenders, namely Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar, Peter Obi and Kwakwanso. The emergence of the winner from these contestants is totally out of anyone’s control.

Although, one way or the other, the collective effort of the majority will definitely influence the outcome.

But a lot of people do miss the point that these politicians can hardly do anything about our lives if we are not ready to take meaningful actions that can influence our standard of living.

In the course of looking at this disconnect, it became more imperative for us to study how any individual can improve his/her personal growth aggressively. After embarking on that, we finally arrived and settled on some cool $tuff we’ve discovered for you.

So, here are our top picks for how to get back on your feet or step up the game. Either you’re going with the idea of saving on cost or you aim to increase your income stream. We’ve got it all covered here as regards the best ways to approach this based on our intensive research.

Here is our all round guide for you to strategically plan for 2023 and make the most out of it…

So to this effect, it tries to touch all human endeavors we all necessarily engage in, which are the things like real estate deals, starting a business online, promoting your business, winner price for baby and kids stuff, gadgets and office tools on sales, best automobile dealership rates, adult vocational skills most suitable for secondary and primary schools, best business coaching plan, cheap logistics pricing, top brands’ appliances on promo at select dealership outlets, cheapest flight this week, International travel visa application, VIP Event organizing and more


Gadgets and office utilities on huge discount

Imagine the possibility of getting a never seen before deal on computerization of your vicinity.

The idea that you can digitally revamp your office to the modern version should not be a pipeline dream. This is what the digital revolution we are already embarking on with our highly reliable third parties is aimed at achieving. There is more to this in full detail.


Best real estate properties deals to look out for in 2023

Without mincing words, if we are to go by this statistic, that: 4 out of 10 people living in Lagos would have had this horrible experience to say about Lagos home hunting. What anyone must have gone through could have been so minimal if they had gotten the right information on what factors do make a home conducive and where they can get the best offers on real estate property ( literarily the packages anyone planning to become a homeowner or landed property owner can’t just afford to miss this April of 2023)

Well, for us, we agree the best way you can start is to find a reliable real estate expert around. And the best one we can recommend any day is Boiphin Projects (as seen on WhatsApp Business).


Launch your business online in 3 steps

For the past 10 years, the rate at which business empires have continued to be established on the backbone of the internet has been so encouraging.

Strangely, there is a low budget plan for starters considering bringing their business to the presence of over 3 million daily internet users. Unlike before, the most relevant approach you’ve got requires that you invest huge capital to launch your business online.

So, what are the set of core partners to help with your successful online business launch? No doubt, you need Bluehost for the best hosting plan with the top-notch hosting solution to help address the first thing to get through with.

Now, we move to the second guys to hunt for– they are the highly rated domain registrar with the best price for registering your unique website name, and it is no one else other than the Namecheap domains.

Thereafter, you can outsource your website project to web designers. They are generally found as freelancers on Fiverr or Upwork.


Promote your offers by leveraging proven methods

It stands to reason that promoting your businesses involves capital. But getting good results on your ads spend becomes a serious challenge for most entrepreneurs.

When it comes to popular advert channels, social media platforms like FB, Twitter, Google, and Instagram, we are seeing them taking the lead in terms of highly targeted ads. However, most often, a lot of business owners do tend to ignore “human-human” personalized ads which are anything else but the affiliate advertising systems.

This form of promoting a product or service can be effectively managed in-house with the best online affiliate management tools or by outsourcing method which involves giving total control of budget and payouts to well-established affiliate management companies.

Branded and promotional items like flyers, stickers, etc… can as well bring that physical appeal and functional advantage to help induce an audience to a loyal customer. You can’t just take away native advertising potentials in promoting your brand with these promotional materials.

While still drooling on this fact, you can leverage our Lagosprice’s branding and print at 20% Off on all our offers to take off your brand from ground zero to the sky.


Kids stuff on bundle discount and wholesales

Just by the way, it’s the best time of the year to start making babies. And luckily for the expecting mums you are, you’d like to shop for the most recommended mother and baby delivery list. Or perhaps the toddlers and adult kids stuff that have to do with indoor, outdoor, and educational matters. We’d trust your judgment to choose the best way to go with this, which is either to go for the bundle pack option or the wholesaler’s option. And coincidentally, we found you Aljazaha Babies as a winner for this category at a discounted price. They are just a WhatsApp DM away.


Automobile dealerships and revamping

Still yet to decide on several alternatives on the table to go for as pertaining to owning a car…? Is it about the smart ways to get a used car or go for the new one? Is it to use car financing or to pay cash out rightly? Is it to go with comprehensive car insurance or not? Is it to sell off your old-looking car or keep it and overhaul its look completely? The ball is in your court if you decide it’s your time to become a car owner. A car dealership as “Have-your-Car-Key” status can make that your reality with its several dealership options at your disposal.

Likewise, if you’re not just ready to spend any extra expenses on acquiring a car, you might just go with car oven baking or car overhauling solutions which are all currently offering their service on an awesome process just to see to it that your car is also reloaded this year.


Acquire a lucrative vocational skill easy to learn

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Aside from getting to be well-grounded on high-income skills, also being skilled in one or two on-demand skillful activities is equally a wise economical decision anyone can opt for to elevate his/her financial status. There are quite some newly evolving skills in 2021 anyone can now easily acquire and master, not only can they easily be learned by adults, they are now much suited for secondary and primary schools level.


Business coach most ideal for your personal growth

It’s one thing to focus on your business and it’s entirely another thing to get someone highly experienced to help put you on a success track. And that’s the job a business coach will gladly do for you.


Average budget wardrobe changers

As the saying goes, it says that the way you are dressed is the way you are addressed. Looking as more accurate as the best version of what you want to become In 2022 without breaking your bank starts with your physical appearance.

Thankfully, we settled on Aliexpress as a winner in this category. Aliexpress has really demonstrated itself as a leader in the fashion arena in 2021 with its instant price gift for new users.


Home interiors and exterior furnishing

Giving your home a befitting touch should be done once every 2 years. It’s a place you’re living and it should be continuously furnished to grow in the sense as you do. Try embarking on this trip, and you’d see how you become more healthy psychologically and physically. We are sure that you are aware of this fact that says “health is wealth”.


Most reliable logistic operators with cheapest fees

After the ban of Okada bike riders as regards the areas they can operate, there was a sudden huge transformation in the logistics industry in 2019.

The industry became very much competitive, efficient, and impactful. Being impactful here means it is now really intertwined with our day-day lives.

As this has shaped our demand and supply chain immensely, we now have a handful of the best logistic establishments we can vouch for. They’ve proven themselves to be the most reliable ones out there based on consistency in the quality of their service and their current competitive pricing other logistic operators are not matching up to.


Top brands’ appliances on promo at select dealership outlets

It’s already the start of the year we’re already witnessing a few select top brands of home appliance distributors offering clearance sales on generators, TV sets, fridges, Air Conditioning, kitchen appliances, e.t.c.

These few dealers we were able to pull together are really that comprehensive a list to be detailed here, you can get your free downloadable copy here.


Flight & international travel visa

One or more flight-related travels often come with a lot of preparation, planning, and work. These challenges are so pronounced in visa paperwork, flight ticket fee, and other trip expenses.

For someone having the traveling agenda to move to dream countries of their chosen destinations, we’ve come up with a set of lists of where they can pretty much be relieved of their travel huddles in this sequential order.

Traveling agent: having highly reliable traveling agents to help process over 6 types of popular countries visas for anyone isn’t a piece of cake. There are few ones out there you can entrust them with your paperwork while they are still on promo.

It is also important to know that any country of interest you wish to apply for a visa may likely have an embassy in your current country, their call center representatives, and online resources you can get official info on how to go about applying for its visa.

We do hope that this tip would be stored at the back of your mind if you don’t mind going through the visa application stress and confirming the genuineness of the country’s visa.

Viator: is one of the best tour aggregators that help to fetch flight pricing from hundreds of airlines as well as hotel booking rates. They make it easy for their users to compare flights and search for the cheapest flight. It doesn’t only stop there, you can also use it to book the next available flight from a destination to another destination. And what more? customers can earn airline miles on United and American Airlines.

Discovercar: moving from one country to the other should be stress-free and simple. Likewise, roaming within a country should be affordable and easy to achieve. And fortunately for us, we found you that one of the top go-to companies that have established itself in providing an amazing car hire service here.

You might want to see for yourself what they are really capable of doing when it comes to helping you move around without you having to wait forever or pay outrageous T.fare.

Affiliate Disclosure: Lagosprice gets commission for purchases made from affiliate sales.

Air BnB: the beautiful feeling of having to be hosted by the residents of any locality is that new dimension in hotel tourism that speaks volumes of Air BnB. With your phone and this beautiful company’s cool app, you can be very much hopeful of getting to lodge in almost any remote location of your choice at the price you can afford when you compare several homes listings.

Likewise, the beauty about this company is that anyone with a residential property can rent his/her space apartment to guests and earn well.


VIP event

The last-minute rush to get your event out of the way for it to have ever bogged your mind can be effectively worked out with topnotch event managers. If it is any party as wedding party, birthday party, luncheon, shower party, beginning of the year party, end of the party, staff party, political rally party, naming ceremony party, or just any event that could come to mind…Just remember they’ve got your back with their current promo.


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