How to setup a very effective affiliate network

One of the most outstanding forms of leverage very successful entrepreneurs use is affiliate marketing system. Either consciously or unconsciously, all known millionaires and billionaires of this world have successfully implemented this form of strategy to climb up the success ladder.

How to get it right with your affiliate management will largely be based the approach of setting it up and the parameters you’re very much concerned about.

Parameters that resonate across all types of affiliate marketing

Base on the following parameters, this is what is obtainable for any of the following marketing methods you decide to go with.

**Trust level** this implies the extent to which affiliate applicant and potential customers can trust the business. The more the trust, the more affiliate applicants request to partner with the affiliates network.

**Leverage potency** the impact of the method on your marketing goals and business growth.

**Optimization freedom** this is the rate at which an affiliate system is automated for highly targeted demographics of interest and the way it gives business owners and applicants the power to independently manage their affiliate usage and preferences.

**Setup fee** the overhead cost involved in setting up an affiliate network system.

**Reliability level ** this emphasises the probability of recording success when a specific method is adopted.

Types of affiliate networking system

The comprehensive analysis on what is involved with affiliate marketing implementation are highlighted as follows

1. Unsystemized affiliate

Only word of mouth is involved in the marketing. And sadly speaking, only few struggling small businesses still engage in this methods.

The pros and cons

Trust leveldifficult to measure or ascertain
Optimization freedompoor
Leverage potencyslightly effective
Reliability levellow

Setup feealmost none

2. Custom built

Organization can get to build their unique affiliate networking system around their brand from ground up. This is often developed with codes that helps to implement your affiliate system in your own unique way. You get to take charge of what data to analyze and work on. Most e-commerce giant like amazon have their own custom built affiliate systems. And that’s why 60% of the brand success was solely achieved with this strategy.

Pros and cons

Trust levelhigh
Optimization freedomabove average
Leverage potencymore powerful
Setup feeaverage to high
Reliability levelcan turnout to be highly reliable
Reliability levelmay also turnout to be highly reliable
Setup feecould be high with respect to scalability

3. In-house third-party managed

This is a kind of way to integrate affiliate system into business marketing and sales by automation with highly reliable third party plugins.

Pros and cons

Trust levelgood
Optimization freedomabove average
Leverage potencypowerful
Setup feelow (recurrent subscription for premium)
Reliability levelefficient

4. Outsourced affiliate marketing

When you need to partner with prominent affiliate management company, there are awesome ones you can always be rest assured to go with.

These notable CPS marketing captains have proven to be very consistent as far as Cost Per Sales affiliate marketing process is in the picture. Irrespective of your business size, you can always be rest assured to get quality result from them as long as your Average Order Value (AOV) is good.

Affiliate Disclosure: Lagosprice gets commission for purchases made from affiliate sales on affiliate sites.

Pros and cons

Trust levelvery high
Optimization freedomexcellent
Leverage potencyhighly powerful
Setup feeaverage to high
Reliability levelproficient
Setup feecould be high with respect to scalability


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