5 ways to get out of the box and go viral

Ideas that do become viral content or the innovative concept that can become a product or service that changes life are most often achieved in an unconventional way.

Nevertheless, their evolvement may be undefined but that doesn’t absolve them of being laced with the vital recipe of becoming virulent. This implies they still do have dysfunctional elements that I will like to establish subsequently.

By the way, let’s first understand what do we mean when we say something goes viral. This is how Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries had to define viral…

Viral (adjective, definition in regards to content) is used to describe a piece of information, a video, an image, etc. that is sent rapidly over the internet and seen by large numbers of people within a short time.


  • a viral email
  • Within 24 hours, the video went viral on YouTube and Facebook.

B.J. Mendelson of Viral Growth and Analytics has this to say when he was asked when can one definitely state that something has gone viral?

How I can tell for sure that something has gone viral is when I hear about the thing I spread from someone I know, who I didn’t share that content with. Obviously, this isn’t perfect, but I found answering the question of, “Has the average person seen / heard about this?” is a good way to measure if something has truly gone viral in the way it’s often portrayed in the media.

Based on historical events, we can easily recount the closeness of what scenarios of ideas have become viral.

Now the question remains, How do you go about making an idea go viral?

Based on these dysfunctional elements that I will like to establish subsequently, they are the top features to imbibe while cooking up your next big idea.

Preempt possibility and calculate impact

Setting goals and planning after an idea comes into existence has a lot to do with taking full responsibility and being agile at managing results.

Research has shown that there are quite a number of viral-worthy content or products that could have been well harnessed if they were well managed.

You might want to work out your million-dollar goal like this.

Deploy by all means

They are several great ideas that have made it to the completion stage but when it comes to actually making it to the public for consumption, they were nowhere to be found.

In most cases, this will happen because of the inability to utilize communication channels most receptive to what you’re communicating.

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Out of the box stuff are generally systematic. This systematic characterization is often apparent in the way people develop or redevelop a perspective to have something done. For instance, you developing a process that would take 5 five steps rather than going with 10 steps option everyone is familiar with.

Don’t compromise to mediocrity voice

Tune out the noise, there will always come the inner voice and external voice that will seek to deform or dissuade you from the unconventional idea you’ve come up with.

It’s just like imagining all possible scenarios that can affect your psychology that will eventually have a negative influence on your mindset in achieving the desired outcome of the idea you’re nurturing.

It’s important that at every stage of the idea; from conceptualization to completion, you will be challenged mentally by varying degrees of discouragement. Your gut feeling must be dominant here.

Taking action against mediocrity also involves getting roadblocks out of the way.

Facilitate mindset alignment

We’ve established why you need to do away with entities that can become roadblock in achieving great success with your idea. Now it’s time to see who you should align your ideas with.

They include the specialist team, and premium resources, the small fraction of those that are in need of the idea as a solution to the challenges they are facing.


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