Lagos, other states in Nigeria to have EV cars soon

Only if recent electric vehicles (EV) we’ve seen popping up on the street of Lagos will have these crucial issues be addressed as quickly as possible.

Model 3 sport exterior lamp

This reality could not be far-fetched when that which needs to be done before this project can take effect is given utmost consideration. And they are such thing as the…

Government predisposition to battery-powered cars

When the focus of Lagos leadership for instance is in tune with EV evangelism, then we citizens can rest assured. That is, in the coming days, this present administration will work out something impressive. This is where the breath to a life of a community project first takes shape.

Electric fueling station expansion

One key businessman being the hardliner on the quick adoption of battery-run cars in the US is Elon Musk. You could imagine the worth of Tesla Inc. in the coming years when it suddenly becomes the major producer of this efficient car spec.

Battery voltage refill unit

It might interest us to know that not that Nigerians can’t afford a Tesla car and have them shipped here. But the problem they will definitely face is a fueling station. With the rate at which governments in several advanced countries are favoring green energy, one can only but reason to it that electric fueling stations will become the next gold rush to investors and cooperate entities pretty soon.

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Functional regulatory bodies to ensure EV cars harms are minimals

With great power comes great responsibility. When there are agencies fully empowered and corruption-biased to regulate the operation of battery run cars, there will be proper checks and balance healthy to EV’s sustainability. Trust me, you really don’t want our environment to litter around with battery toxics. Even though, they are now less toxic batteries in the development phase.

Well trained EV technicians

We are about to witness a job trend that is staring at us straight in the face with more people getting trained on battery-powered cars in the United States and other countries where Tesla motors are in use today.

When we come to think of it, we can realize that one of the reasons for the low adoption of this kind of car is that there isn’t a training center facilitating the training of technicians in this field. And when this changes, you’d be amazed to see more people willing to have their own E.V right away.

Readily available Electric Vehicle parts

One sure thing that can put people off from buying into a technology is the challenge of part replacement. This challenge can arise to get a machine part when it’s faulty are often common with new or emerging tech.

Iphone and android integrated interiors for Tesler model

Hopefully, when this is also addressed, we are on the right path to having EVs flooding Lagos street. And that reality can be possible in the next couple of weeks to come.


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