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Merchant Solution

We are at the core of helping various forms of entities set up their brands of business with the most effective approach. Be it Automation systems, branding and marketing, online penetration, sales and conversion system


Garage sales

Anywhere in Lagos, containers that happen to be loaded with varieties of items ranging from wares, toys, home appliances e.t.c are brought to your notice for garage sales. We are also open to homes or institutions that wish to dispose off their furniture and other stuff quickly.


Assets and acquisition

We evaluate assets and property you’d love to invest in. What property was acquired? What assets are currently hot to look into. What is vital for an asset’s sustainability and growth are marshalled point by point.

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Auction Tracking

Be in the know of where auctions are happening right in Lagos. Never miss the time, terms, and type of item to be auctioned off; either the auctioneers are government parastatals, private entities or corporate organizations.


Is it a genuine spare part for cars, generators, home appliances, smartphones and more you are looking for? We got you covered with the dealers and competitive market price. We help assume the middle man approach for sellers and buyers to successfully transact.


Be up to date on what’s going on around the zone you’d like to tune into. Full coverage on career paths, locality, service packages, personality, healthcare, insurance, education and training

Genuine Reviews

Holistic research is made about brands you’d most likely want to do business with while presenting it in a clear and concise manner. And we do it in such a way you couldn’t possibly have imagined.

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Is your service only meant for Lagos residents?

No. However, Lagosprice (as a subsidiary of Boiphin Projects) is basically established for everyone mindful of their expense, lifestyle and business with an interest in Lagos economy.


Can you research a business for me?

Yes, we can help make findings on any business institution or arrangement. Also, we can make business research on every type of industry and furnish you with relevant reports.


Do you also offer free service?

We understand where you’re coming from, and we’re happy to inform you that a handful of what you can get from us comes free of charge. But, we will also encourage you not to miss out on our premium solution that can get you great results.

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