17 Warning signs for rented lagos apartment

Apartment approval plan red flag

House searching in Lagos requires due diligence. As we’ve all come to understand that getting accommodation can be really challenging, you can still find yourself missing some flashpoints due to the rigors of searching.

Taking proper note of these key signs will help preempt you on what to expect when you finally move into the apartment.

alt="Apartment approval plan red flag

These signs can be a red flag you should pay more attention to.

Developer/landlord partnership

It isn’t a bad idea that a developer and landlord should have a good business relationship. But when you smell the upper authority of a homeowner on a developer, you might be in for a tough landlord to crack.

Neat compound

This suggests a hygienic conscious and cooperative tenants

A shop is connected to the apartment

If you notice a shop at the frontage of the apartment, then there is the likelihood your personal stories will be tabled for discussion. Or it is an indicator the homeowner resides in that residence.

Relaxed neighborhood

It is important to pick on how the present tenants are more relaxed with their belongs… This helps show if a thief is staying there and how secured that place could be.

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They are not fixing anything you found destroyed?

They are proving to you how insincere they can be if they are not taking the responsibility of repairing any damages.

It’s part of what you’re paying for. And that’s your right to inform them of what is defective that can easily be fixed. Smartly shelving such expenses will allow you focus on what to budget for your apartment furnishing.

Agent related fee is high

The landlord is getting a cut from the agents’ fee. There may be an increase in house rent the next year.

Apartment looks dirty or dusty

Then, there is something fishy why others coming to check noticed that made them avoid it.

Unusually calm

Who doesn’t enjoy silence when you need it most to sleep or rewind. But when the atmosphere is unusually lifeless or boring to you. It’s a good way to tell if you will ever get comfortable staying there.

Walls look damp

…Or there is an observable pattern of water. Sorry to say this, you might be dealing with leaking walls, roofs, and windows.

Humidity is higher

At your first entry, you experienced discomfort in the room temperature like you’re in steam or perhaps the air circulation doesn’t flow well. This means you will experience more heat stroke-like staying and sweating phenomenon.

Missing windows

With a house missing a window, you could just imagine an agent that will abandon you with any predicament related to your apartment when you finally agree to move in.

Low standard wooden door, cabinet & roofing

If you have not noticed any roaches yet, they probably went for a town council meeting. Your next visitation might shock you because this kind of furnishings harbor cockroaches.

Religious banner at the entrance or around the compound

Welcome on board, you’re just about to rent a religious center as your abode. Though you will not be forced to attend any worship activity. However, you will definitely be forced to attend it with your soul through your hearing organ.

Disconnected supply of electricity

You are going to experience more Nepa visitation and reconnection fees because of cotenants that have strong heads.

Colored tap water

It isn’t unusual that there some residential areas in Lagos like Lekki, Ajah, and Eko where the water that will flow through the tap you can rest assured is a brownish colored one. So it is important to open up the tap for a while to see if you’re lucky to find the one that supplies you good water.

Wet floor

No doubt, you can rest assured that you are about to start dealing with leaking walls, roofs, and windows.

This is probably why the previous tenant left in the first place.

Waterlogged drainage

You might be in for a regular flooding experience when raining season comes knocking.


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