19 Most efficient high income tools

By impact and influence… These internet tools have been proven to generate consistent results over time. They are the central point where the money goes. This is so because they serve as the most relevant platform that will effectively plug into any value-based service or product you can provide and help to build your money making magnets.

….and anyone serious about cashing out big time from the internet should consider mastering one or more of these tools. And the most interesting thing about most of them is that they are free.


Email marketing and automation service have really been helpful to big and small businesses that want to take charge of their internet business. And that’s what MailChimp has been actively doing when it comes to avoiding any restrictions that happen on social media. These tools allow you to effectively blast mails with excellent delivery rate by employing best methods.

Facebook business

This is a new level way of deploying Facebook for business-related stuff. Through this platform, we’ve seen quite many people scaling their venture excellently well.


One of the most sophisticated sales tools out there is Clickfunnel. It’s very efficient for segmenting leads at various stages of customers’ journeys. Understanding the stage at which your audience have come to be familiar with your products is very crucial in making them convert to buyers.

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This tool is really relevant to help high income earners to manage and sustain their droshipping business. It is an excellent plugin that integrates well with Aliexpress.


VITALS is 40 functions in one tool that will make your Shopify store become a sales and money making machine. You should really consider adding this to your cart if your store lacks it.

Google trends

Trends is part of an elaborate means Google has come to help business owners understand what people are searching for overtime. When considering how efficient this tool is, you will come back to reflect on why you’ve not been in the know of how to start taking advantage of it with these simple tips.


Linkedin has come a long way to help professionals and business tycoons connect in a mutually beneficial way. Big contracts have been won as much as possible through this platform.

What you need to make it here is by just positioning your brand as an authority, and the sky won’t be your limit.

Google playstore

You’re good with developing mobile apps, right? I think we guessed that right…Then, it’s time you start leveraging the benefits Google playstore has in store for you.

So you know, most of the top earners we know use this tool to achieve that.


As a public speaker or figure, if a podcast isn’t one of the tools you are using, then your journey is still far ahead (we are sorry to say this).

Podcasts have come of age to challenge the status quo of radios and TV in passing valuable information to your engaged audience.


As they say it: professionally designed graphics may not necessarily be the “thing” you need to sustain or engage with your audience. Understanding this basic fact, we quite agree with top 6-7 figures people taking advantage of Canva to engage with their of social media fans.


When there’s the need to look into the option of CMS tool most effective for Ecommerce growth strategy, you can’t ignore Shopify. This very sophisticated ecom platform has assisted 6-7 income ambitious individuals make their dream come true with its simplicity of use.

Excel sheets

We would love to know any financially savvy person that doesn’t make use of a sheet. That can be impossible to find such a person when we are conversant with how this tool has helped top business achieved. As they say it, the money is in the data. And this tool will help you detect the hidden treasure by automating the process of finding it.

Amazon FBA

With the global presence of Amazon as regards e-commerce, you can’t but agree on the power this platform has to help manufacturers or sellers bring in revenue.

The Amazon FBA is an interesting partner that can make your product get more buyers.


Social proof has really been an effective way to land more sales at your doorstep. In making no stone unturned, Trustpilot has really been useful for interested buyers to know the quality of a product or service based on the review of customers that have made a purchase.


The growing influence of Instagram in making people overnight success can’t be ignored. Although, how creative you are with picture and video that add value are the most crucial aspect of turning your account to a goldmine.


Upwork has become the den of professionals earning really well. Just imaging any high end service you need a third party to mediate in the transaction, then you’ve found one here.

Google adwords

This is one of the most effective business sides of Google search engine. It allows your ads to pop up on virtually every place while been online.

Hubspot CRM

Huge projects require collaborative tools to help manage people involved in the project. Likewise, businesses that have large users require cloud-based tools such as Hubspot CRM to automate the B2C relationship. It makes your marketing, administrative, service, and IT teams work as one from anywhere — so you can keep your customers happy everywhere.


YouTube is specifically engineered for video creative publishers, along the line, a lot of industries saw the power in video publishing… And as it is now, Youtube has become a de factor in increasing your visibility to more audiences just as it has become a safe haven for internet billionaires. To conclude and bring us to a quote from one of the top high-income experts, Dan Lock, he said and he is quoted “audience reach is now a major way to amass wealth”


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