9 ultimate reasons you should consider branding

Sales are 90 percent psychological and 10% logical. Hence, the reason you have to appeal to emotion. And that’s the mind game branding plays on our minds. Welcome to the era of perception.

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Branding can be seen as radio frequencies you need to tune into to grab the attention of your audience. This kind of frequency may be visual as in the case of sunlight or it can invisible just as a microwave. But either way, they are both relevant to brand growth.

So, here they come…


To establish brand authority

It helps project your authority in a unique way. Just as in the case of the Apple logo to other logos; as far as the smartphone industry is concerned. Apple’s authority is duly recognized only with the logo… Not without the logo.


Branding means to Amplify

A serious establishment considering marketing itself on what it is all about needs effective branding to help amplify its brand value or message the most appropriate way. This isn’t by any way undermining other ways that can help businesses or organization out…like for instance, growing your brand on Instagram or other social media, like generating organic traffic and making more improvements to your brands through other several options available to you by taking advantage of proven platforms. And the good news about this is that there are tons of these services you can easily order from Fiverr freelancers. (as an affiliate, commission is earned when purchase of any service on Fiverr is made)


Branding brands along regards

Branding goes a long way to show the responsible side of an institution — there is a sheer sense of seriousness that people relate to your business when it is branded. Just for an instance, you might have visited a bank recently and you are told in clear terms that you need a letterhead to open a cooperate account for your venture as part of the requirement which is in line with the Central Bank‘s regulations. Anyways, don’t fret, it’s just a sumptuous logo of yours that should be sitting at a corner of the paper you need to present. And that’s all.


Differentiator of products’ uniqueness

Have you considered getting something off the shelve only to start looking for a logo? That’s just how millions of sales have been successfully saved on an annual basis.


Enjoy followership even from competitors

It isn’t a surprise that ventures that budget more on branding usually enjoy more followership. You might find this awkward, But your competitors are following you when they start to clone your logo on their products.

Price leverage advantage

A customised tees does appeal more to people as compared to a non-customized plane shirt. Something that has more appeal to you commands more worth or value to you.


Established Unique Connection (EUC)

Your brand logo is a GPS signal you attach to your product. When a customer purchases one, your brand connects with them automatically.


Improves visibility

This allows you to be easily spotted. You can try out an experiment with a set of the same product spread around when only one of them is branded to see which one gets to be spotted or chosen. You can even extend this experiment further by adding varieties of your logos to the mix so as to see which one has the utmost sales value. Though, this will depend on your budget.

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Increased reach

The essence of marketing is to increase your reach. Now let’s imagine these two case scenarios of marketing a product.

For scenario A

Marketing a non-branded product: In 2008, Aguirre just discovered a unique product that he understands that people need based on his market research. Afterward, he considered marketing this product for 5 days. And thankfully, he made quite tremendous sales. Anyways, considering that the product was new, he was only interested in testing out the product, he never considered branding it even though he has obtained license right from the product’s inventor.

For scenario B

Marketing a branded product: Luckily for Mr. Wilson, who happens to witness what fortune was about to fall on Mr. Aguirre if he launches another batch of this product in millions, he quickly decided to cut a deal with the inventor of the product. And this time around, he definitely opted to brand this product and successfully launched with just 1000 units. Now, this unique product is out with a brand identity.

In reality, If one may be asked to argue who brought this product into the market first… Who do you really think?


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