Step by Step DIY Guide for repairing minor dent on cars

llustration of repairing minor car dent yourself
llustration of repairing minor car dent yourself

One of the things to never procrastinate on is fixing minor dent that may surface on your car body, this is because it can expand in an unimaginable way or even degenerate to extent of metal corrosion if left untouched.

When your car gets such a dent, it’s now easier to make that dent disappear forever. Follow this step by step guide for solving it.

Part 1: Pulling out the dent

All steps in part 1 should be ignored if there is no inward contour on the car body

Step 1. Ensure the surface area of the part you want to fix is free from dust and oil by using a cloth to clean it.

Step 2. Clear out inward contours so as to level it up as it was before by using plunger or suction cups

Step 3. Let the surface area you are to pull out to become wet or slide a weak adhesive at the base of the suction cup. This will enable the dent to be easily pulled out… In some cases, warm water might be poured around the plunger so as to strengthen it up for effective body pull.

Step 4. For multiple small inward contours, it is recommended to use this kind of tool so as to hasten the leveling process.

Part 2: Repairing body paint & smoothing the surface

Step 1. Use a clean cloth to clean against specks of dust and scratches of paint at the point of the scratch

Step 2. Use Nanotech ceramic coat to close up the scratch surface

Step 3. Wrap a cloth around the sponge that comes with a ceramic coat. Apply the coating on top of the wrap.

Step 4. Use the wrapped sponge where the coating is applied for spreading it carefully on the car paint.

Step 5. Use a towel to wipe the surface after you are done with spreading the ceramic coating


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