Special car features that require extra documents

vehicle driver licence application process

In addition to all the papers you are required to have for your car before hitting the road, there are other special car features you will have to get unique permits for before it can be legal for you to drive.

It may come as a surprise to know that not all of the countries all over the world would enforce most of these licenses on you. However, it is important you are double sure of the ones I highlight here obligates paperwork on you.

If your car flies…then

Aviation pilots training school licence

As a car owner, you must have all the papers a car owner should have to prove car ownership. These papers include a certificate of insurance, driver’s license, certificate of roadworthiness, proof of ownership certificate, and vehicle license.

Likewise, all airspace vehicles like a helicopter, unmanned drones, and private jet require you to get their special type of license that links you to them.

The type of licenses that would be required for an aircraft are Airworthiness Certificate, Registration Certificate, Radio Station License (international flights only), Operating Limitations, Weight and Balance Information.

If your car combines the ability to fly ( probably in the nearest future)… then, you will need to learn to pilot the car on air and on land, get a pilot and driver license altogether, and all the necessary documents that make it legit for you to drive.

Cars with BP features

Imagine what could possibly strike you from outside when in the comfort of an armored car. Perhaps nothing! Holla… holy moly… you’ve become invisible!

Just so you know, the world is populated by some crazy fellas where the security of life should be a priority.

An armored car that can carry high-risk profile people and lots of cash around would require a special license for a dealership, and this can be passed over to an owner.

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Engineered to feature epic instruments

You could have fallen in love with 007, an intriguing undercover British agent that performs amazing stunts with advanced cars. In this epic movie, the cars are made to feature all sorts of thrilling gadgets… And the other film that comes to mind, which perhaps, you might have recently watched: Death Race 4 – Beyond Anarchy. A film that hinted about making all sorts of tools for the survival of the fittest in a car race.

war chasing car construction

Now, you head over to a custom car maker when a brilliant idea struck your mind to have your car feature some sort of instruments… wow! Sounds cool… but, wait the minute…I know you thought and chuckle to yourself…’that sounds convenient… right?’

Well, that could be easy if you are an secret service agent (being one mostly qualifies you for automatic license ). However, if you aren’t one, then you have to go through the appropriate channel to have them register and license you. The type of instrumentation your car would move around with can involve being licensed as required by states law.

Cars with tinted glass option

Tinting a car is one of the ways to fix the awkward outlook of a car. This is also an awesome way to give car owners the extra privacy they need when cruising around. If you own a tinted car, chances are that you will need a permit license for that in your country. Like for instance, in Nigeria, the authority there requires you to do the paperwork for any tinted car you own.

Processing a license shouldn’t be a worry for tinted cars because newer car checking in becomes the prerogatives with car dealers.


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