How to know a reliable nearby service technician

performance appraisal of service technician nearby
performance appraisal of service technician nearby

Now you just got your car serviced, but you might be wondering what really got serviced or want to check on to see if the service technician did a great job, but not sure of what to do. No worry! There is an easy and logical way to approach this.

Here is the service inspection you need to perform after a repair or maintenance, or perhaps any necessary service…

Inquire about what will be done

Inquire what the technician will do and at what point will the service be effected. If possible, take a shot of the area.

Take note of any stuff that will be replaced

This way you are learning about components in your car; their use, how they get damaged, and how they look when they get to spoil, you will also be able to differentiate the quality of original from a fake, and most importantly the price range.

Evaluate the point of job

Practically evaluate what difference has been made in that area, compare it with the previous state…

Indicators to look for

These are the key sign you should always beam your searchlight on.

  • Has it got neat?
  • Was there an oil change? Check the oil gauge to see…
  • Does any component changed to look like the original?
  • Is it recommended for your vehicle model…?
  • Does that nut or bolt around such area looked that it was loosened…?

Degree of job

It will be necessary for all serviced parts that you put some extra effort to know the extent to which the job got done. Because it goes a long way to show that the service was indebt and helps you to properly rate it.

Keep Records

Properly documenting records on receipt and invoice detailing the spec of the stuff fixed or replaced will guide you in making holistic comparison and prepare you ahead of similar repairs or maintenance that may show up again.


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