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A complete change over in the outlook of a car at a certain point of its lifetime is inescapable… This can be engineered by weather conditions, scratch, collision, and depreciation. When these greatly impact on the beauty of a car exterior, you are left with the options most proven to give it the perfect look you desire.

Irrespective of the quick fix you aim to achieve the most, the outcome will mostly be based on your budget, techniques, and tools you adopt.

Nevertheless, some of this smart fix may force you to take your car to the garage, while other types of fix you need for your car would involve the torch of a pro that can do a perfect job right from any location the car is parked.

Wrapping cars with vinyl wraps


It has become so apparent that the era of car wrapping is now more favored by millennials. Wrapping of a car requires the placement of colorful prints of vinyl on the body of the car. While some car wrapping is done for the purpose of advertisement and branding, they can be seen as an alternative way to repaint your car or custom blend with paint on your car. If the size and area you need to place decal wraps on are not that much, then, it can be an easy DIY project costing from $2 to $150 for you.

However, when the car requires half or complete wrapping it is better to leave things in the care of a pro that understands the tool and the complexity of vinyl that will stick without having any blemishes. Having a pro to do the branding and wrapping could cost around $60 – $1000. That rate will largely depend on the details and sophistication needed to handle the job.

Polish to make the dull exterior body to look pimp and shine


A car that appears to have a fading or dull (non-shining) body exterior is absolutely due for thorough polishing. In most cases, polishing is done after car wash by using special auto wax or nanotech fluid as polish. Polishing cars makes the shining layer of the car paint get revealed again after the former layer is aged out by environmental factors. When done right, car polishing can also be seen as an alternative way of repainting your car.

By having a car polishing wax or nanotech fluid and sponge, it can be an easy DIY project costing around $2 – $39 for you. To have a dope car polishing you should consider getting an electric polishing machine set. It should also be noted that car polishing is what makes any car detailing reach its full glory.

Upgrade by replacing with auto conversion kits or newer spare parts

The after-market for the auto body part is now seeing increasing demand. And what this means is that car owners would rather spend a couple of bucks to have their car body replaced than get another car which will cost way more.

The market forces that demand you change or upgrade your car are the availability of newer models and the occurrence of accidents or damage on the body part of a car.

It should be clear here that upgrading is far more comprehensive than replacing of previous alloy wheel to a new one; converting an old model car to a newer model simply by changing the body parts.

Embarking on such a task requires some level of commitment in terms of budget and technical sophistication on the part of the project handler.

Scratch repair by adopting faster alternative


Car body scratch is just like a disease that often affects cars just as the common cold influenza virus disease is to humans.

Unlike common cold that doesn’t have a cure per se but it can be managed, It isn’t the same way for car scratch because it can now be quickly cured. And this cure is just the most pleasant and satisfying alternative to blend the delicate paint job of your car without going the extra mile of electroplating or repainting. What is involved in the Do-It-Yourself car scratch repair are nanotech paint structure repair fluids and sponge foam which cost around $2 – $25.

Undergoing a task as this might not require the job of a pro but it requires the right nanotech fluid one can lay hand on to get a perfect scratch fix.

Artistic spraying makes a nice impression possible

The graffiti on the wall of an urban area can be replicated on cars. Those that have parchment for artwork can also have their car engrossed in artistic spay. One just has to give into it… all spayed cars with an artistic torch I happened to have laid my eyes on have never stopped amazing me. The spaying of a wheel with a contrasting color is also a cool trend you can also try on your car.

I wouldn’t recommend DIY artistic spaying on your car if you have no mastery of the artistic skills. Having a pro to do that could cost around $40 – $1000, this is largely dependent on the details and sophistication needed to handle the job.

Car bumper and body can easily be fixed by patching when they get damaged

At times, just doing a clever patch up for an embarrassing area on the car would be enough after it had been badly damaged from a hit from any side.

Patch up can be OK for backlight with just a cross-border auto lens repair kit. It will be advisable as well for car bumper by using melted plastic to bond the damaged part. Side mirrors can also be patched up with super glue. Stickers or decals with mono color designs can also be used to conceal very deep scratch that is beyond the jurisdiction of nanotech car scratch repair fluid.

Depending on the severity of the area that needs rectifying, you can’t be spending not less than $1; or more than $15 to get this kind of fix.

Laminating and coating of a car exterior

It is given that car paint has to be protected by any means possible. And to achieve such a feat, partial or complete car body wrapping is adopted in achieving this goal.

Laminated wrapping is a form of wrapping that implies that the transparent layer overlays on the body of a car just as a way to protect the paint job but revealing the color in its shinning form.

Since this requires half or complete wrapping, it is advisable to entrust this in the hands of a pro that have experience about the tool and the complexity of material that will stick without having any blemishes. Having a pro to do the wrapping could cost around $35 – $52.

A quick car paint booth does a perfect painting

paint booth

No doubt, the repainting of a car still remains the oldest way to give a car body a new look. Just recently, it has started to witness some stiff competition from nanotech paint repairers and decal wrappers. This method has now been greatly improved upon by oven baking technique.

Repainting cars requires just paint sprayers which don’t give the car body follow come paint job OEM automakers were able to achieve with electroplating. However, it does a good job on the cars’ body.

Depending on the severity and span of the area that requires body retouch, you should consider other alternatives that may only just require you to doing it yourself.

From equipment to expertise sourcing, repainting a car takes more than just getting paint done in a standard paint boot which can be capital intensive to acquire by a car owner for just onetime project.

So, it is economically wise to see to it that pro with standard paint boot having the required expertise handles this project. Having pro do it makes the job much faster and crispy looking.

One should budget around $250 – $450 for a top-notch car paint job.

Dent knockout can restore the elegant shape of a car

Illustration of repairing minor car dent yourself

There are quite a number of dent remover tools out there. They have successfully been able to replace the job of panel beater to a large extent. Although, it seems a panel beater can still make use of very complicated tools out there to achieve a job requiring the touch of a pro.

Knocking out car dents ensures that perfect shape and dimension of dented car is restored to its glorified form.

They can also be seen as alternative options to replace a car body part that has been badly dented or disfigured.

For a simple dent that does require one active pull out, a simple dent pull out tool costing around $2 – $5 should do the job.

But for a more complicated dent area, then you should go for a specialized set of dent tools. You should budget $40 – $200. Your budget would also depend on if you doing it yourself.

Some dent area might involve scratch on the body part. So, paint retouch by using scratch removal fluid should be factored in.

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A tinted windshield can make a translucent beast out of your car

The glassy part of a car body that usually requires tinted service is mostly coming from a car owner who does not have their car tinted before getting them. It is now surprising that newer cars being pushed to the market now enjoys the tinted option as a defacto standard.

Tinting a car windshield gives a translucent see-through layer over a non-colored glass. Overall, they give car owners some sort of privacy when cruising and also helps filter out sun rays. Due to the black colors, it seems to give the glass, it makes a car astonishingly beautiful. In some parts of the country, you need to seek approval for a tinted car just like any other special features.

Depending on where you reside you might be required to obtain a special permit license for tinted glass. To get tinting for your car that has not been tinted, it can cost you from $40 – $75, including permit license.


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