Magnetic GPS tracker vs wired GPS tracker

Major types of car trackers

Car theft has become the most dreaded monster all vehicle owners have to deal with in protecting their cars. While Car hijackers are the nightmare that

come as extra baggage with every car purchase. One of the best ways to deal with this unfortunate issue is to install a car tracker into your car. But there is a dicey situation you may face when choosing the type of tracker that is the best fit for securing your car. Most brands of trackers in the market are based on two popular versions, either it is wired or magnetic. So, here are the things you should know before you finally settle for a particular one.

GPS Tracker Designs

The GPS trackers you can attach a wire to or the ones that are already connected to wire are referred to as wired, they can only work when joined to the electrical system of a car. While magnetic GPS trackers do not need any type of external wiring before it can work. What makes magnetic GPS unique is the magnetic property useful in being firmly attached to any metallic part of a car.

Battery life of GPS

Every type of GPS tracker requires power to function. So, it is very important to look into how they get to be recharged. The magnetic type would require you to come in contact with it for at least every two weeks so as to recharge it (time interval will depend on battery capacity). However, as for the wired type, it needs only the car electrical source to power it for as long as it is going to be in use.

Exposure of GPS trackers to Environment

It can be a little bit harder for a privy eye to locate where the wired type of tracker is concealed as compared to the magnetic type. Most especially when it needs to be recharged, this can further expose the location of the magnetic type even more.

Extra cost that comes with have this tracking device

There will be an extra cost you will definitely incur on network subscription for any type of GPS tracker you will activate for continuous use. Nevertheless, due to the installation style of the wired GPS tracker, it requires some level of understanding in-car wiring system. Although it comes with a manual guide for installation, it is advisable to set aside some change for the technician that will install it perfectly for you.

Price comparison of magnetic GPS device Vs Wired GPS device

If you’d made up your mind to get any of these GPS trackers, just click on the link that indicates the one you’d prefer. Both types of GPS trackers are almost of the same price. Depending on the extended application of the magnetic type, it could come a little bit pricey than the wired type. In this case, it will surely serve more purpose. As for The best deal is waiting for you at the store.


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