How profitable car wash outlets can be

Embracing the idea to offer car washing service comes with a backend minded process that has a lot to do with what you intend to achieve. Questions that come cross

the mind might seem like: Do you want to cater to an immediate need? Or do you want to sustain you and your family? Or are you just ready to build a business that disrupts the market by bringing in new product or service?

Irrespective of what the goal you intend to achieve by offering this service, it is important to know what needs to be prioritized before you can start earning a meaningful income.

Need to get things rolling anyway? Check out the following ways these are normally achieved.

1. Propose to wash with a washing outlet around.

This approach of offering the car washing service requires no capital. This implies that as a car wash man,` you can choose to be paid on salary bases or by the volume of vehicles you wash.

2. Offer to wash independently

Without having to invest a huge amount of money, there is an ‘lagosprice’ approach to this, which implies

  • You can quickly offer the service at any location around you.
  • There is a great potential of earning as much income through this.
  • As a subscription based service, customers can be more committed to the service on a regular bases.

3. Build your own washing outlet

You can start alone or go into partnership. This approach requires capital, it may be low or huge. But keep it in mind that these all boil down to who your audiences are and how large they are. It is also important to size up your market and competitor before committing any capital to this.

There is an opportunity here to offer or get a franchise if a car washing brand has grown in popularity.

In conclusion, the option you adopt and the unique strategy you adopt to provide car washing service around you will always reflect on the revenue you juice out of it.


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