7 inspection layers a car must undergo in a lifetime


excellent lifetime car inspection exercise

Consciously or unconsciously, you will be expected to inspect the condition of the car you ride. Here are the various forms of inspection any novice would be made to deal with at any stage of being a vehicle owner.

Pre-purchase inspection

Are you about to buy your car? If that may be the case, that’s Excellent! Then you’ve got to know what you should be inspecting your car for if you don’t want to buy a very frustrating one. Anyway, you may be considering if to buy a new or used car, in this case, the key areas required to check for on a new car will be different from a used one.

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Diagnostic inspection

Some years back, car diagnosis was solely dependent on how technically savvy you are with any automobile.

However, things have changed from where the diagnosis of the car was mostly based on assumption after undergoing certain patterns of troubleshooting to now where advancement in technology has made it easier to accurately detect what fault your car has in real-time.

Tools like OBD II is great tools for this, you can get a variety of diagnostic scan tools with almost similar function to it.

Insurance inspection

Situations that may arise for you to opt for car insurance warrant that you must have done your homework. Inspection based on insurance is factored on what your property is really worth to you.

Due diligence is needed to assess its worth. Much evaluation is required on lifestyle, the high risk that may come along, and the area it transits.

Service assessment inspection

The stability of cars to ascertain their fitness to run is being ensured by maintenance and repair. These two forms of services help elongate the lifespan of your car. However, after a car undergoes a service with a technician, it is highly recommended that a quick inspection be done on it so as to assess the quality of service rendered.

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Usage level inspection

It is highly important to be able to measure the level of usage of an automobile because car management is solely dependent on how it is being used.

Inspecting for the usability of a car becomes essential when you need to effectively determine the efficiency of a car output based on the required performance. You might also need to follow up on the state of a car as regards components degeneration and depreciation. When accounting for the financial worth of a vehicle, you will need to do a proper inspection of asset valuation.

As it may involve safe guiding life and property, it is advised that one check vital units or components in the car system so as to ascertain road trip worthiness.

Upgrade unit inspection

There will come a time in the life cycle of a car where it will be billed for an upgrade. The need for an upgrade may arise when you want to add value that allows you to earn more from sales or add value that allows you to enjoy it the more. Whatever the reason might be for an upgrade, you wouldn’t want to miss the core area you need to evaluate for updates.

Consumable intake inspection

It is important to take notes and be conversant with what your car consumes. We should imagine this just as the food we consume. With time, we get to understand what kind of food affects us either positively or negatively. That is more of the reason we need to take painstaking effort to inspect and understand what your car needs to ingest.


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