22 essentials to equip for car maintenance

DIY Car maintenance tools

Cars are precious! And with respect to that, they have to be taken care of on regular bases so as to enjoy them for many years to come. New drivers might find the list of these maintenance tools awkward at first, but with time they will get used to it.

The best way to achieve an highly effective regular maintenance on your car is by ensuring that any specific aspect of a maintenance routine is done at the right time. The beauty about these smart tools is that it makes a car maintenance easy and can be done by you or by a technician. However, if you are doing it yourself, it requires you to get some stuff on board so as to make car maintenance easy just for you as a car owner like a piece of cake.

…So, here are the car care tools, accessories, and utilities that will be suitable for this operation… They will help you save a whole lot of maintenance costs over a long period of time when compared to taking it to an auto workshop for regular maintenance.

Interior care accessories and tools checklist

A cleaning spray and a rag should make your car clean when used. But to get a well detailed clean job, then, there are stuff that are designed to make this perfect. And they are the best one you should really consider adding to your list of interior car care…

1. Detailing glue: this is the new dust and dirt magnet that your car interiors need for staying neat.

2. Interior shiner: This restores the true shining features a car interior should always maintain.

3. Windshield Squeegee: This is a regular tool to keep in your car because its usefulness comes once in while when windscreen clarity diminishes due to water residual on them.

Exterior care tools and accessories

The exterior of a car includes the body, the screen shield, headlight, bumpers, and side mirror. They are all as important as any other parts existing in the making of cars.

  • What to use in Maintaining a car body are:

4. Paint wax: using this on car body helps to retain the finish and shines of car’s color, the good news is you can get the best for a car around you from major online stores.

5. Ceramic coat: Aside from using this advanced car paint repair tech for fixing car dent, it is also used as a thin glassy protective layer on car paint.

6. Approved cleaning utilities: washing your car with just any regular shampoo can seriously damage the paintings of a car. There are now excellent car cleaning utilities specifically formulated for cars without negatively affecting the paint on them.

  • Things to use for car headlight maintenance is:
  1. Toothpaste: due to the type of materials being used in making the cover of a headlight, they get to fade over time. When that happens, the brightness diminishes, in the long run; this will pose a grave danger to lives.

Accessing and maintaining an internal system

It is advisable to always run a diagnostic test on your car just to be certain that all internal working components are functioning well.

Not all the internal components in a car system are fully accessible by conventional means. However, there is now a far better and smarter way to access the most relevant unit of a car now. The handy things that will come to your aid in this regard are…

8. Auto scanner: The very compact and portable gadget you can easily use to run a diagnostic test on your car is the new breed of OBD II. It is very reliable when you need to constantly check the internal health status of your car.

Engine maintenance tools

For your car engines, these are excellent things to stick with… Things you should line up For checking the internal engine of your car.

9. Fuel tester: This can help you know if the type of fuel your car is about to take in is the right one.

10. Degreaser: is a perfect oil solvent that cleans the surroundings of the engine.

11. Carburetor cleaner: This is a smart tool that is used in removing carbon dirt from Carburetors.

12. Compression tester: It is a handy device that will help in assessing the compression level of all the engine cylinders.

This is best to prevent sudden failure of vital components in the car engine or a complete engine knockout.

Things for Dirt prevention

Preventing dirt from percolating in your car is the first step you take in maintaining your car. There are several ways to achieve this, but if you stick to the two things mentioned above, it should do. However, if you found the option best for you, that is great! Here are what you should get for this…

13. Air filter: Having your own personal car air filter is a good start.

14. Collapsible dust bin: A dust bin or a pack of “sticker” nylon bags sitting around your car isn’t a bad idea either. The end result is that dirt is prevented as much as possible.

Wheel care tools and accessories

You will always need to maintain the standard recommended pressure for tires at regular intervals so as to help prevent your tires from likely squeal when negotiating a corner. Things that make it possible to always ensure the health is at optimal condition are…

15. Pressure Gauge: A cool gadget you need to detect any slight change in the pressure, they pretty come handy.

16. Portable pump: this is the of the top on the list of emergency tool  for car to deploy and use when you have to quickly rectify tire deflation.

17. Brake pad Gauge: here is also a tool perfect for monitoring the brake pad wear.

18. Tread gauge: This help gives you a quick idea of how the tire is wearing

19. Foam and polishing fluid: These are both useful for spreading out the polish to shine more and giving it a new look respectively.

Things useful for when a maintenance occurs

To ensure cleanliness in the maintenance schedule, these will require you to have a paper towel and handwashing against grease. Other kinds of stuff to complement them with are…

20. Goop Hand Cleaner: This is best for removing laundry stain from hand after completing maintenance.

21. Form-A-Funnel: It is a flexible draining and funneling tool that serve for general purpose. This stuff helps one pass fuel or oil through where it is needed. Likewise, it also assists in draining used oil.

22. Maintenance Log book: It’s a type of log book that makes on-the-go recording a snap for keeping track of maintenance schedule and other relevant details on events around your car; this could be mileage the car has covered, repairs that have taken place, e.t.c

There are also varieties of apps designed to serve as an auto maintenance log book.


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